26 June 2014

The Breakfast Club

 Im on a blogging roll!! 
But listen, I really wanted to tell you guys about this place that a lot of you may know about but others may not. I have known about this place for a while but I haven't actually had time to go there, so today I dragged my cousin and my sisters along as I usually do and went to eat at 

 I instantly loved the vibe of this place honestly everything everyone has told me about has not been wrong, you can tell they really go all out to try and make you feel really at home, the furniture is really homely from the mugs to the photo boards on the wall, and its also pretty humorous 
(if you make it  defo go and check out the toilets.)

Before we got seated I had to take a picture of the outside, We built this city on bacon rolls.. 
very appropriate!
 (if you know the song then you'll know why this is funny if you dont.. sorry) 

 We got to ordering and we were served our food so quickly! I love fast service, it was quick enough for us not to start getting impatient and long enough to know they had actually cooked the food. I ordered the 'Veggie american' and my cousin ordered the 'Full American' these are both filled with sausages, eggs, bacon and pancakes with maple syrup! (obviously mine being the veggie alternatives)
 My favourite part was the fried potatoes seasoned with garlic and rosemary. Highly recommended. 
We ordered from the breakfast menu which is available until 5pm, the lunch and dinner menu also looked lovely which I will be trying next time I go.

Overall I would recommend this I give it a 10/10 honestly I couldn't fault the food or the service. 
The price is pretty reasonable, My breakfast cost just over £9 so more than your ordinary cafe but it is very worth it. 

Be sure to check out The Breakfast Club Hoxton here
They are also located in 6 other places in London check out your local one and let me know what you think!

If you have been here let me know your thoughts.. agree or disagree? 

all thoughts in this  post are my own please see my disclaimer for more information

22 June 2014

Royal Ascot 14'

Hey Guys, I know it has been a while but I have had so much going on lately, it's been events after events and on Friday I spent the day at Royal Ascot with my sisters and some lovely ladies. It was my first time there and I was a bit apprehensive about what it would be like as I already work in a betting shop but surprisingly I enjoyed it so much. It was a lovely day out and if you have never been to Ascot read on and find out what its all about. 

If you didn't know there's all sorts of dress codes for Ascot, so we might as well start with what I wore

We'll start with this beautiful two piece I found on find it here 
it was an absolute bargain at £25 (yes for both) I love the floral detail and the crop top was perfect as it was still very modest as it didn't show too much. The jacket I wore is from H&M which I bought about a year ago, but goes with everything and the shoes were also another bargain buy from Primark at £9, can't go wrong with a bit of nude. 

As everyone knows hats are a major thing at Ascot, this lovely fascinator was an impulse buy from Ebay. I loved the whole netting vibe I think it complimented the rest of my outfit very nicely. All in all I done Ascot on an outfit that costs collectively under £100, who says you need to spend a whole load of money to look posh? lol 

The day started really early, so obviously we had to start the day right with some Costa, then on to a long train journey and an even longer walk to the race course. 

The atmosphere was amazing, there was no stuck up behaviour or anything like that just loads of people wanting to have a good time. We attended the Silver Ring where we sat to have a picnic, shortly followed by the lovely Royal Parade. Unfortunately I couldn't get a really good pic of the queen and prince Harry wasn't there either so that was quite a bummer :( 

Pimms o'clock? well yes it most certainly was on Friday, me and the lovely ladies spent the rest of the day in the bar after losing really badly on the horses and enjoyed the rest of the day with some really lovely people listening to some banging music.. my type of party basically. 

I will definitely be returning next year! 

What was your Ascot experience like? or are you considering going next year? 
What do you think of the outfits? 

Would love to hear from ya! 

Until next time