Love & Marriage

It's been a while hasn't it? 
Life has a funny way of throwing loads of stuff at you all at once and being human you just have to decide what to prioritise. So blogging has not quite been at the top of the list but i'm here now... 

So someone very dear to me got married today and I knew this would be great to blog about! Who doesn't love a wedding..? I really can not wait to get married and so attending my very first wedding was something special. So much planning and detail goes into making the day what it is and I really think the bride and groom pulled it off. 

Firstly a toast to the happy couple, I wish them the most happiness from now until forever. 

The whole theme of the wedding was pastel colours which i loved because I thought it was original, everything from the flowers to the bridesmaids & groomsmen were in pastels and it all came together nicely. 

The bridesmaids dresses matched the groomsmen's tie and chief. Which was nicely thought out. The flowers were all assorted and not the typical bunch you'd find at weddings. The florists done good with these. 

After the ceremony we had some cocktails and cocktail bites before we took our seats, the seating plan was very well thought out with guests being placed on tables with people they did not know so everyone could mingle. It was definitely a great idea and it worked as everyone was in high spirits. 

 All tables were numbered and outside the hall were small cards for everyone to find their name and table. 
Another great idea. 

The food was brilliant, as you can see because I did not break to take any photos of it. It was a mixed between African and Caribbean food and definitely catered for the mass of guests that attended. The main desert was brownies and ice cream or fruit salad and they also had a sweet cart in the hall filled with loads of tasty treats. The kids definitely loved it!

For my FAVE! part of the whole day. LE CAKE! HOW AMAZING?
From afar it looked stunning but up close it was actually breath taking. The detail on the cake was so beautiful and I can only imagine how much time and effort went into this beautiful cake. It was also super tasty too. Each layer was a different sponge, I got to taste the red velvet (My favorite cake ever) and it was beautifully made! Honestly this cake was definitely ten out of ten.

And the rest was history.. My camera roll stops there as I went to enjoy myself and that is exactly what I did. We partied the night away and it was beautiful. 

Orsett hall was an amazing venue with amazing staff, I will definitely consider using this venue for future events.

I can not wait to get married 

Hope you enjoyed and this serves as some inspiration to some of you guys.

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  1. Sweeties!! :-)

    Looks like a really good wedding. The pastel colour theme is awesome.

    Much love.