31 December 2015

2015 Round Up

I know I have already done a 2016 post but I just feel like I need to round up the year, my blog has grown more then I could ever have imagined and I'm really excited about what the future holds. Personally I have grown tremendously in 2015, learning the most important lessons of my life. It's only right that we see 2015 out properly!

29 December 2015

2016 Goals

2015 saw me create some life goals that I hoped to achieve, I am happy to say that I have ticked a few off the list and it makes me look back on my year and feel proud that it wasn't actually wasted.

29 October 2015

9 Boohoo A/W Pieces I Need In My Wardrobe

My style is definitely changing, I'm trying to dress more grown up as opposed to like I'm 16 still, lol. Trainers and a hoody is just too easy and too comfortable but As I'm nearly 25 I guess it's time to start acting like it. 

I do this thing where I scroll through and just add things to my bag then when pay day comes around I purchase it all. Such a bad habit. 

I've been eyeing up loads of AW pieces and I'm really feeling the long shirt and over the knee boots   look, this checkered shirt would go perfectly with mine, oversized jumpers and long length cardigans are also staples in my winter wardrobe. 

I'm also in need of a few coats, just so I have options in my wardrobe, I've been asking your thoughts about the waterfall jacket on social media, you guys have definitely persuaded me to make that purchase. 

I've already invested in some blanket scarfs, they are the warmest, I've just got to learn how to style them and I think I may add this tartan one to the collection. Chelsea boots, because, obviously! And this little bag that I can fit all my little things in and so I don't have to carry around one of my other much larger bags! 

These will all be mine soooooooon. 

What's on your autumn winter wish list? 

27 October 2015

5 Guilty Pleasures

Thinking of five guilty pleasures for this post didn't take much brain power, I'll be honest. 

This is the time of the year hefty procrastination kicks in and I'd rather spend my time eating junk, watching series and snuggling under masses of blankets. I know I'm not the only one so I don't feel bad to be fair. 

Here are 5 things you'll probably (likely) catch me doing more often than I should.. 

1: Sims 4:
I hate this game sometimes, because you tell yourself just an hour then you look up and it's like 10pm, erm? That's gym and everything else I had planned out the window then. 

2: Metcalfs Skinny Popcorn: 
Because, this is so bloody addictive and only 125 Cals per serving... So I'll just eat the whole bag then? Lol, no seriously. I can't get enough of this. Where can I buy it in bulk? 

3: Cartoons on Saturday morning:
They don't make em' like they used to but I can still watch a few and laugh my head off because I can't actually believe kids are allowed to watch this stuff, way too many sexual innuendos. 

4: Big Bang theory: 
No lie. I love this show. I can sit through hours and hours of episodes. So funny, I definitely need to buy a box set. 

5: Five guys unlimited drinks machine: 
Do I have to say anymore? Strawberry Fanta and every other drink you could possibly think off. Just, yes. 

What are your guilty pleasures? I'd love to know.. 

6 October 2015

Planning the perfect getaway.


When it comes to planning short European breaks, it takes me approximately half an hour from search to booking and I never end up disappointed, except that one time the boy booked our hotel and well, you know the rest. 

I'm going to get straight to it and take you on my step by step process to booking the perfect getaway! 

Pen and paper at the ready..


Sky scanner - THE GO TO. Sky scanner is a website/app that you pop your details in and it will give you a list of flight prices from all airlines. You are likely to find the cheapest prices on this website but if you are in doubt..

Easy Jet/Ryan Air - These budget airlines are usually the cheapest to fly with (Just make sure you adhere to flight policies to avoid extra charges) going direct to the website allows you to choose your outbound and return flight separately, this means you might be able to tweak flight times
 to get a cheaper deal. 

Recently I booked a 2 night trip to Amsterdam for £54 return.. 

Accommodation - When I discovered this website my travel life changed, I love this site mainly because every hotel I have booked has been excellent, secondly you can reserve the hotel now and pay when you get there. This has several benefits, for me it means I can break up the cost of going away over a few months which helps me out, a lot! 

Air B'n'B - Not one I have used myself..YET. but I have definitely heard great things about this site. To give you a general idea you are renting someones home for the duration of your holiday, but these homes are not the usual, they are usually filled with so much character. Kate (Gh0stparties) has documented her stay in various AIR B'n'B homes and I plan on using them for one of my next getaways. 

Trip Adviser - I definitely look to Trip Adviser for reviews of hotels and places when I'm travelling. This helps me decide whether the hotel is somewhere I really want to stay and also helps me plan places to eat or visit during my holiday. You can also find some hotel bargains on trip adviser if you prefer to book through them. 

My recent trips to Amsterdam cost me Approx £60 for two nights and I would give 5* for both hotels

Whilst you're there

Plan Ahead - When I went to Paris I regretted not booking my tickets for the Eiffel tower in advance, when I went to Amsterdam I made the mistake of not booking my tickets for Anne Franks House in advance. So If there is anything I have learnt from travelling its to book popular attractions in advance and I would advise you to do the same unless you enjoy queuing for hours. 

Ask for advice at your hotel reception - If you are unfamiliar with your area, ask the staff at reception. They are likely to live in the city and will know loads about it. 

Dojo App - Download the Dojo app if you are staying in London or Paris (Due to be updated for more cities soon) This will tell you where the nearest  bars, restaurants and pop ups are, will give you ideas for date night and will even give you directions to get there. One of the most useful apps I've used. (& it's free) 

Google Maps- I always have my Eurotraveller on when I'm abroad, this means I can use my phone as usual for just £3 a day (Vodafone perk) I'm constantly googling and using my maps to get around. Especially if i'm unsure of the area, I even use it to get to know the local transport links. Super useful

These are my tips for planning a getaway you will enjoy thoroughly... what are your tips?

4 October 2015

Amsterdam In Pictures

We booked a last minute trip to Amsterdam, I needed a break from the stresses currently going on my life, it was lovely and I didn't want to come back to be honest. 

Just a photo diary this time, I have written detailed posts about Amsterdam here.. have a read if you're planning a trip anytime soon. 

PS: Motel one was our hotel, couldn't recommend it enough! 

17 September 2015

10 things I've learnt being in a long term relationship..

I don't know what you guys count as long term but it's been nearly nine years since the dude asked me to be his girlfriend. That's pretty long by anyone's standards. 

Now I'm not claiming to be dear Deirdre or anything but I've learnt some things over my time, & let's be honest there's people who haven't even had a long term relationship claiming to be love guru's. No shade, just saying. 

Love is complicated stuff, I'm not gonna dare say it's been all rosey but no relationship is without their downsides, don't buy in to that Instagram shit, it will have you wondering what the hell your doing wrong. 

So with that being said; 

1: You only see what people want to show you on social media , don't compare yourself or your relationship! 

2: The beginning is always perfect.. Well it should be, if it's not. Well then you got problems. 

3: Split the bill! Even on date night. Can you imagine 9 years of him paying every time we went out? Yikes. 

4: He will pay sometimes, make sure you do your bit too, organise a night out & you foot the bill... 

5: Your problems do not belong on social media, taking shots at him on Twitter is not cool & it won't change anything. 

6: Nor' should your problems be told to everyone you can find time to tell, be choosy with who you tell your problems too, not everyone has good intentions. 

7: His friends are not your friends.. Just saying 

8: I've never been bored, I don't think anyone should get bored of someone they love 

9: Don't sweat the small stuff 

10: There's no better feeling than looking back and realising how much someone has helped you grow 

11: No matter how angry you get don't burn the photos 

12: If you both care enough you'll make the time to see each other 

13: People will always have something negative to say, don't let their perception of love affect yours 

14: You can't control what people say to your other half (fxck that bixch tho) 

15: Never stop making an effort 

What have you learn't being in a relationship? Do share.. 

8 September 2015

5 Things: Recent Buys

I really should stop buying make-up, not only did I order stuff from Very's beauty section, I then went an hauled Superdrug, literally only went to buy concealer. I'm such a sucker. 

But, Mehh..  It's done now and I don't really regret it.  

7 August 2015

Camino London - Epic Wine & Tapas

Let me do this right and start with a massive thank you to The Blogging Gals who invited me out to this epic Spanish Tapas Restaurant called Camino for a master class in Wine Tasting (Thank you Patrick, You were amazing) and the chance to try the most beautiful Tapas ever, no exaggeration. Tasty is an understatement.

23 July 2015

See, Do, Eat in Paris

This is officially part two of my Paris trip roundup, read my first post here and watch my travel Vlog. I didn't want to cram everything in to one post so I thought I'd break it down for ya'll.  

If you are planning a trip to the lovely Paris, here are a few recommendations for you and another few things to make your trip a little easier. 


Eiffel Tower 
I'd say for sure, book your tickets in advance. We made the mistake of just turning up and queues were ridiculous, we waited for about two hours to get to the lift and then we could only go to the second floor. The Eiffel tower is a bucket list- must do but it's really not worth waiting for hours. Book your tickets here they start from seven euros and make sure you go straight to the top.

The beautiful Louvre is one of the worlds largest museums, the queues are just ridiculous for everything in Paris, so i suggest you book in advance for everything you can including the Louvre if your'e planning on going inside, or you can admire the beautiful scenery from the outside. It's such an amazing setting. 

Notre Dam
This beautiful cathedral is exceptional. Everything in Paris has to be seen by eye, pictures don't do it justice. You can go inside and view the cathedral for free or pay seven euros to go to the top of the tower which is probably worth the view but.. like i said before expect to be queuing for a while, 

Love lock bridge
I know you guys know about this, they recently removed most of the locks due to construction issues, but there are still so many locks along the stairs and you can still add yours if you find a space. We did, and it was a lovely addition. 


I found this restaurant on the DOJO app which I will tell you more about later, it's based in the shopping mall a few miles from the Eiffel Tower, and boy it did not disappoint. We had American pancakes for breakfast, they were literally some of the best pancakes I've ever tasted. Definitely one to try for brunch or dinner if you are in the area. 

Le Trente Huit
I walked past this restaurant not really expecting much but the food was nothing less than amazing, this restaurant is situated five minutes from the Eiffel tower and if you can, sit outside. The prices are quite expensive but considering the location, I wasn't surprised. 

This little gem was recommended by Kate at Gh0stparties, (I read her Paris guide before I left, definitely helped) There are a few of these in France so no matter where you're staying you're bound to find one close to you. They do great breakfast/brunch, try it out if you have the time.  

We also ate at a few local cafes close to our hotel mainly for breakfast, which was literally the best breakfast ever. Croissants, French bread, jam, omelettes, coffee and orange juice. Just drooling at the thought. Local cafes are the best make sure you try a few close to where you are staying. 


Getting around Paris could not be easier, pay sixteen euros and take a boat along the river Seine to all the main attractions in Paris. It stops a total of nine times and at each stop there's something to see. You can see everything you want to in one day if you start early, or take the Metro, its as easy as the London underground in my opinion, so cheap too. A one way from Gare Du Nord will cost you about two euros. 

For pop up festivals, events going on in Paris and local restaurants download the DOJO app! it helped me more than you could ever understand. Thank me later. 

Watch My First Ever Vlog Below & Let Me Know What You Think..

18 July 2015

Paris, I love you.

Say hi to the second travel post to grace Bonita Rochelle this month. I said goodbye to wander-lusting and hello to the living the travel dream, long may it continue. Can I get a Amen. 

Paris was a spur of the moment trip, the one where you go, let's just do it and BAM! It was done. We took the Eurostar from St Pancras to Gare Du Nord which is in the center of Paris, so i would consider the Eurostar over flying every time just for the ease and convenience. 

I was in awe of this beautiful city the whole time I was there, so much to see, so many alluring, historical buildings. During our stay locals celebrated Bastille day, although this did cause a lot of traffic and closures it was lovely to see the Parisian communities get together to celebrate. 

I put together a little travel Vlog, (still trying to find a good name) for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think about it. I was really inspired by Sophie from Private life of a girl, her travel notes are so captivating. So please leave your thoughts below and hopefully I'll create some more in the near future. 

I'll give you a See, Do, Eat post in the next few days, to roundup my trip. 

13 July 2015

Paris: Whats in my bag

I'm getting real good with this packing light stuff.. Sike!

I have massively over packed for Paris so much so, i'm having to throw stuff that won't fit in to my carry on, into my rucksack. Luckily, this post was created before the manic cramming began.

Packing for other destinations has not stressed me out as much as Paris, I'm just feeling like I have to look extra chic in the city of high fashion, you know? 

A backpack is like the ultimate travel essential, literally the day before Amsterdam I was on the hunt to find something practical and well designed. I found this lovely backpack in New Look (19.99) the quilted detail had me sold as soon as I  looked at it to be honest, I wanted black so it would go with a majority of my outfits and this does the job oh so well. 

On to the contents of this mega dope backpack yah? 

Passport, obviously and this chic black leather case from M&S, I'm actually on the hunt for a new one, something a bit more jazzy. Recommend me somewhere I can find what I'm looking for please? 

Chargers, emergency bobby pins and loose change which is essential when travelling. 

For the sunny days and mornings after the nights before, you know what I mean? Sunglasses and my new Fedora from Boohoo (£10.00) My trusty Paul's boutique purse, because there's nothing worse then carrying all your money around in your pockets.

 Train essentials, the one and only Beats By Dre headphones, Neutrogena hand cream, Dove deodorant, Sleek lip gloss, hairbrush and a bloody good book. 

The contents of my make up bag is wayyyy more than when I was travelling to Dam, simply because on the eurostar there are no restrictions, therefore it's packed to the brim so I can cater for the casual days roaming the streets and the lovely nights spent in the Eiffel Tower. 

Other than coconut oil (my number one essential) skin care includes the Divine face oil and Hydrating day cream by Antipodes. Do I have to rave about how epic this brand is? I'm sure you know, it's doing wonderful things for my skin. 

90% of my make up these days derive from Sleek.. BB cream, concealer stick, by three blusher, eye shadow palette, mascara, eyebrow pomade and my nude lipstick (Succumb) I keep raving about. Most of these products I spoke about in my Sleek affair post if you're interested. 

Baby skin is a dream for my pores right now, how do I make my pores smaller guys? Help a gal out..

Anyway, this is a staple in my make up routine at the moment, and definitely helps keep the make up in place during the sunny days we've been having in London lately.

So, as you read I'll be on the Eurostar to Paris, hopefully I'll be back with a rundown of my trip and loads of pictures to share with you. 

Any tips on what to do in Paris..? 

11 July 2015

Such As Life...

Every so often I like to let you in to the mundane reality of my life, cue violins. Only kidding, although I'd like my life to be a little more exciting, I'm definitely blessed for the great amount of people I have supporting me and everything I've experienced thus far. 

I've started a travel diary, my trips to Berlin and Amsterdam have fueled my need for experiences abroad, I've decided I'm going to travel as much as possible over the next year, starting in Europe, by 2016 I want to have traveled to Tokyo and Thailand. They are due to be ticked off the bucket list. 

It's been a year since I graduated with a psychology & marketing honors degree, and the job hunt is going so slow, needless to say I'm just mega comfortable in my current role, but i got to snap out of it, so I'm dedicating this Saturday to updating my CV and getting my butt out in to the real world. *if you work in a marketing company & want to hire me I'm really great, promise* 

I feel like this year the almighty has just been shoving lessons in my face, I'm learning so much about people and their behavior, what it means to me and I think I've learnt more about myself, my attitudes and why other people seem to behave the way they do in the last six months than I have in my whole life. I think this little book has helped, The Examined Life and I'd recommend you read it. 

I'm also learning to let go of some of the notions I have regarding love, we're all looking for that fairy tale, you know the ones you read about in a Sophie Kinsella book. My love of chic lit has definitely got me out here wondering why there's no such thing as Edward. Ha, I know I'm such a kid. So I'm trying to be more grown up about my expectations of love, although I'm not planning to lower my standards, just planning to be more realistic, and at the fantastic age of 24 I'm feeling like I never want to be mature... ever.

I'll leave you with some of my favourite quotes from my Instagram. 

Catch up with my travel diary & other lifestyle posts... 

PS: I've updated my About me & Contact page check it out let me know what you think.

So, whats been going on with you lately?