The Blogging Slump: Taking a break and regaining perspective

So I have returned after just over a month off of blogging, the first couple weeks I was literally contemplating whether I should just delete my blog and not bother with it, but after some encouraging words from readers I decided I would stay. I used the next few weeks (and even now) to really think about where I want my blog to go, my audience, my voice, my layout. All the things that make a really good blog work. Jen over at Jenny Purr really helped me to focus on the important things. 

The point of this post is to let you know that there are gonna be days or even weeks where you might feel like your blog isn't good enough or it's not going exactly where you want it to go, or you might get caught up in the comparison trap. All of these things I experienced on my month off, but you can either roll over and let it consume you or you can fight back and put the time and energy in to making your online space what you want it to be. 

People always get caught up in finding a niche, whilst I think that is important for some blogs, for others this online space is an outlet for anything we want to talk about. If you feel like your losing perspective or you find yourself in the 'Blogging Slump' don't let it consume you. 

  • Get advice from other bloggers: Jenny Purr & Regina are great at helping you focus on creating a better blog, from content to layout. Read some of their work and it will help you really figure out where you want your blog to go.

  • Plan and Brainstorm: Plan what main categories your content falls in to, then conjure up some brilliant ideas around those categories. Keeping your content streamlined in to specific categories will allow readers to know what to expect, and makes your life easier. 

  • Fix anything in your layout you are unhappy with: Whether you buy a pre-made layout or use a blogger template there are tutorials all over the bloggersphere that will help you to fix anything you might not like. Take it from Bloomin' Rouge and Pink Pot! Their amazing tutorials have helped me make my space what I want it to be. 

  • Get back in to the swing of things: Start reading your favourite blogs again, start drafting your blog posts or even shooting some content for your planned posts. After some time of some things might not come easy, or for some it may all just fall back in to place. Ultimately remember that this is your creative outlet and as bloggers there is always room to grow, so keep growing! 

These are the steps I took to help me get back in to the swing of things, I really enjoy blogging but sometimes it can get a bit too much especially when you have other things going on in your life. Never forget why you started your blog, and remember your favourite blog didn't get to where it is over night. 

Keep building, keep learning and keep growing. 

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  1. I was going through a blogging slump as well. I took about a month off and now I'm back but I'm slow blogging. I'm not gonna try and post as much as I did before. I'm gonna try and enjoy it more and write about what I love.

  2. Yes, enjoying it is so key to creating great content. I'm still just getting over it myself and hopefully I can go on to create some great content in the future, I wish you the best of luck! Send me your link would love to follow your blog xx

  3. Here's my link - I'm sure you'll be making great content in the future!