CAKE: Handmade Cosmetics For Darker Skin Tones


When CAKE cosmetics was recommended to me on Instagram I was amazed at what I had come across, I had a browse of their website and it didn't take much thought before I placed an order for a foundation, concealer and blush.

CAKE cosmetics cater to darker skin tones, so women from Asian, or Afro-Caribbean backgrounds, but no one is ruled out, their blushers are amazing for all skin tones. Get this though, all cosmetics are handmade and contain some amazing natural ingredients like Coconut oil and Jojoba Oil, this is what caught my eye personally, I love using natural products so I was eager to try these, not only that, the price point is Ah-Maa-Zing! Everything is linked below so have a peek.. 

I've been using these products for a bit now, and they have become my everyday routine, I was sceptical because I don't usually order foundations or concealers online but these matched my skin tone perfectly. The Concealer in Butterscotch (£3.00) is creamy and covers up blemishes very well, although I had trouble with blending at first, I found using my fingers instead of a brush helped and used the concealer before applying the foundation worked better, The Mineral Foundation in Almond Swirl (£7.00) blends amazingly, has quite a light coverage but personally I prefer a lighter coverage especially now the weather is changing, using a base is a must for sure and I've found the baby skin primer really works well with this foundation. After letting that all settle on the skin I use the Mineral Blush in Very Berry (£5.99) on the apples of my cheeks which is such a lovely colour, it's well pigmented and compliments my skin tone well. 

If you know anything about me by now it's that I think an everyday routine only needs a few products and after using these I apply liner and Mascara and I'm done! Ten minutes max, who needs a million products to look great?

Finding the right tools to use with these products was important for me in getting the right application, but once I did I loved the way these products made my skin feel and look. Knowing that I am applying natural ingredients to my face as opposed to a million chemicals satisfies me, and now spring is upon us it's time to switch up from the heavier coverage make-up to lighter coverage and I would definitely recommend these if you are looking for something for the warmer months.

Do you plan to try these products? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts...

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