26 June 2015

Amsterdam - Travel Essentials

A trip to Amsterdam has been so over due for me, I've been excited about going since I booked just over a month ago and I plan to return with millions of photo's to share with you guys and hopefully create a useful travel guide. 

Short European breaks usually equals hand luggage only, if you're anything like me, this makes packing the worst thing in the world. I like to have enough outfits for day and night plus extras just incase I don't like what i originally wanted to wear... Bad right? 

But before you judge me, I'll have you know I'm trying to change my ways. This time round I'm packing responsibly and only bringing what I need.. Then, if I don't like what I have that's an excuse to go shopping, right? 

Make-Up: It's silly bringing a million products away for a two night break, I've stripped it back to the bare minimum because my time is limited in Dam, I don't plan on spending half of it applying my face you know? I'll be packing some of my Sleek favourites, the Blemish Balm i've been using instead of a foundation, the way my skins looking lately i only need light coverage, the Triple Blush Palette, Mascara Brow perfector and my nude lipstick just in case I want to make some extra effort, if not my coconut oil will suffice. 

Toiletries: There are just some things you can't buy in a mini version, so I bought these empty 100ml containers which I filled with my sulfate/paraben free conditioner and shower gel. Coconut oil is my holy grail and will be coming with, because you can use it for just about anything and it's got my skin looking amazing at the moment. 

I won't be bringing much skin care, just face wipes and this little gem. Its a cleansing balm by Omorovicza, I have been using it for a while now and I know that even though I'm going to be on the plane for a short amount of time, all the recycled air is likely to be detrimental. This is perfect for restoring moisture so i'll be using this as soon as I hop off the plane. 

The weather is looking so promising whilst I am out there, so I am planning to keep clothing light for maximum comfortability. This Boohoo bomber (There goes the groupie in me) is perfect for warmer weather, and I know I should really limit myself to one pair of shoes, but I just physically can't. So these Floral Vans and Leopard print slips on's are the items that will determine the rest of my Amsterdam wardrobe.

I have got a lot of inspiration on what I'm planning to do over there from Tea Was Here & The Londoner, if you are planning to go away any time soon make sure you check out their blogs before you go! 

Been to Amsterdam? Let me know where I must go.

19 June 2015

Royal Ascot 2015

 I am back with another Ascot post, for those of you who follow my blog you would have seen my post last year about my first trip to Royal Ascot. This year we attended ladies day. For those of you who don't know, Royal Ascot takes place every year, thousands of people attend the Ascot racecourse to watch some of the most famous Jockeys ride some really amazing horses and win different trophy's. This type of event takes place every other week at Ascot usually, but this particular week the Queen attends the racecourse with other members of the Royal family to watch her horses ride. 

It's not something I ever thought I would enjoy, but it's a lovely day out and going with my sisters makes it even better. Boohooo always seem to cater perfectly to my racing day attire, two years running I have bought a dress from them for Ascot. I'm such a Boohoo groupie.

This year I opted for something free flowing, this lovely white dress was perfect. Simple but elegant, pictures don't do it justice to be honest, but it was the perfect fabric and fit to keep me cool and comfortable all day. 

The fascinator was from Accessorize (£20) I didn't go all out on the hat this year, but if I go again next year I plan to find the most out there hat possible. My fave shoes are from Forever 21, they are not the most comfortable which is annoying, but the trusty sandle's came to the rescue when it all got a bit too much.

We got to the racecourse at about half ten and found a spot on the lovely grass to consume the massive picnic we had brought with us. The royal parade started about two and yes that little lady in that hat is the queen and the man in the grey you ask? Her husband.

We spent the rest of the day eating and getting merry, watching the racing was amazing, its nothing like watching it on Tv. I would advise anyone to experience Royal Ascot at least once in their lives, it's a great experience if you're in to all of that stuff.

Did you go to Ascot this year? Let me know your experience.

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