Amsterdam: Roundup


As some of you regular readers may know from my Amsterdam Essentials post, I had this trip planned for a little while and was super excited about going. I did say I would write a city guide just in case some of you planned on visiting Dam any time soon but I feel like as it was my first trip I'm not all qualified to write a city guide so instead I'm going to give you a round up of some of the things I've seen and done and would recommend to everyone. 

We stayed in a hotel called Casa400 which is situated in the Amstel area, I'm so bummed I never took any pictures of the hotel it was amazing, but i've linked it so definitely check it out. The staff were so friendly and helped us with local travel, we paid 12 euros for a 48 hour Metro/Tram/Bus travel card which basically took us everywhere we needed to go. We mostly spent our time in Amsterdam Central, a lot of people placed hefty emphasis on this area but there are so many other places to explore.

The metro seems to be the easiest and cheapest way to maneuver around the city, we walked a lot too but if you want you can hire a bicycle for about 15 euro's for 24 hours, thousands of people ride around Amsterdam daily so it is definitely the most popular mode of transport.

I'd definitely say seeing Amsterdam by boat was the best thing we decided to do, when you mention Amsterdam people always talk about the Red light district or the fact that Marijuana is legal, but there is so much history to this beautiful city, never mind the architecture. We walked over to Eco Tours which cost 18 euros for about an hour of your time, the tour guides are so knowledgeable, you get to see a lot of the city and seeing some of the most beautiful buildings is priceless. 

I'd say Amsterdam is definitely famous for two things; The red light district and Coffee Shops, both I think everyone needs to experience. Photo's aren't allowed in the RLD so I have nothing to show you, however I can tell you that it is so surreal actually seeing it in the flesh. To just see women dressed in the skimpiest of underwear in 6 ft windows with red lights enticing men to come and have sex with them is literally the craziest thing I've ever seen. I have heard a few things about the red light district being a tool to protect women from the obvious destruction of prostitution as we know it, but surreal is the only way I can describe it. 

Coffee shops on the other hand, not so weird. I'm not sure how big the stigma attached to smoking weed is any more, for me I don't think its a big deal or as big of a deal as other drugs, but each to their own. Coffee shops in Amsterdam are places people can go to buy and smoke weed, it's pretty much the norm over there, and I found coffee shops to be lovely place to go and relax whether you smoke weed or not, the staff are super friendly and so are a lot of the people that go to these places. 

We sat outside The Bulldog which is along the Canal in Amsterdam central, it was a beautiful spot. Lost in Amsterdam was also another coffee shop i'd recommend, all seating area is literally sofa beds, they do lovely flavours of Shisha and is a nice spot during the night. 

I ate soooo much whilst being out there (& boy did my scales tell the tale) but every street you turn on to there's more waffles, crepes, churro's. We did breakfast at Dauphines in Amstel every morning before travelling to Amsterdam Central, they did THE BEST omelette ever and had the biggest selection of tea I have ever seen. Pancakes & Waffles was also a spot that made me fall in love. Amsterdam is not short of fast food and it all seems to be good (not necessarily healthy) food.


We took approximately 17k steps on our last day in Amsterdam, we were warned that the city has some of the longest shopping districts and boy did we find that out the hard way, but there was so much to see and by foot or bicycle seems to be the best way. 

Other highlights included my beautiful homemade Macaroons from Dutch homemade, we popped into this store for some ice cream and found the most beautiful flavoured chocolate and macaroons all homemade with organic ingredients. I brought a box of six home for my family which cost about nine euro's. If you walk past this shop on your travels be sure to have a peak. 

I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful city, I didn't get too see Anne frank's house or the Van Gogh museum but these are on the list along with the Rijks museum and the Tulip  museum when I eventually return. 

Next stop Paris... Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam soon? 

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  1. Pancakes and Waffles was literally next door to where I stayed so we ate in there every day it was so good!

    1. YES! loved it so much. hope you enjoyed your time over there xx