Paris: Whats in my bag


I'm getting really good with this packing light stuff. Sike!

I have massively over packed for Paris so much so, I'm having to throw stuff that won't fit into my carry on, into my rucksack. Luckily, this post was created before the manic cramming began.

Packing for other destinations has not stressed me out as much as Paris, I'm just feeling like I have to look extra chic in the city of high fashion, you know? 

A backpack is like the ultimate travel essential, literally the day before Amsterdam I was on the hunt to find something practical and well designed. I found this lovely backpack in New Look (19.99) the quilted detail had me sold as soon as I  looked at it to be honest, I wanted black so it would go with a majority of my outfits and this does the job oh so well. 

On to the contents of this mega dope backpack yah? 

Passport, obviously and this chic black leather case from M&S, I'm actually on the hunt for a new one, something a bit jazzier. Recommend me somewhere I can find what I'm looking for, please? 

Chargers, emergency bobby pins and loose change which is essential when traveling. 

For the sunny days and mornings after the nights before, you know what I mean? Sunglasses and my new Fedora from Boohoo (£10.00) My trusty Paul's boutique purse, because there's nothing worse than carrying all your money around in your pockets.

 Train essentials, the one and only Beats By Dre headphones, Neutrogena hand cream, Dove deodorant, Sleek lip gloss, hairbrush and a bloody good book. 

The contents of my make up bag is wayyyy more than when I was traveling to Dam, simply because on the Eurostar there are no restrictions, therefore it's packed to the brim so I can cater for the casual days roaming the streets and the lovely nights spent in the Eiffel Tower. 

Other than coconut oil (my number one essential) skin care includes the Divine face oil and Hydrating day cream by Antipodes. Do I have to rave about how epic this brand is? I'm sure you know, it's doing wonderful things for my skin. 

90% of my make up these days derive from Sleek.. BB cream, concealer stick, by three blushers, eyeshadow palette, mascara, eyebrow pomade and my nude lipstick (Succumb) I keep raving about. Most of these products I spoke about in my Sleek affair post if you're interested. 

Baby skin is a dream for my pores right now, how do I make my pores smaller guys? Help a gal out..

Anyway, this is a staple in my make up routine at the moment, and definitely helps keep the make up in place during the sunny days we've been having in London lately.

So, as you read I'll be on the Eurostar to Paris, hopefully I'll be back with a rundown of my trip and loads of pictures to share with you. 

Any tips on what to do in Paris..? 

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