See, Do, Eat in Paris


This is officially part two of my Paris trip roundup, read my first post here and watch my travel Vlog. I didn't want to cram everything in to one post so I thought I'd break it down for ya'll.  

If you are planning a trip to the lovely Paris, here are a few recommendations for you and another few things to make your trip a little easier. 


Eiffel Tower 
I'd say for sure, book your tickets in advance. We made the mistake of just turning up and queues were ridiculous, we waited for about two hours to get to the lift and then we could only go to the second floor. The Eiffel tower is a bucket list- must do but it's really not worth waiting for hours. Book your tickets here they start from seven euros and make sure you go straight to the top.

The beautiful Louvre is one of the worlds largest museums, the queues are just ridiculous for everything in Paris, so i suggest you book in advance for everything you can including the Louvre if your'e planning on going inside, or you can admire the beautiful scenery from the outside. It's such an amazing setting. 

Notre Dam
This beautiful cathedral is exceptional. Everything in Paris has to be seen by eye, pictures don't do it justice. You can go inside and view the cathedral for free or pay seven euros to go to the top of the tower which is probably worth the view but.. like i said before expect to be queuing for a while, 

Love lock bridge
I know you guys know about this, they recently removed most of the locks due to construction issues, but there are still so many locks along the stairs and you can still add yours if you find a space. We did, and it was a lovely addition. 


I found this restaurant on the DOJO app which I will tell you more about later, it's based in the shopping mall a few miles from the Eiffel Tower, and boy it did not disappoint. We had American pancakes for breakfast, they were literally some of the best pancakes I've ever tasted. Definitely one to try for brunch or dinner if you are in the area. 

Le Trente Huit
I walked past this restaurant not really expecting much but the food was nothing less than amazing, this restaurant is situated five minutes from the Eiffel tower and if you can, sit outside. The prices are quite expensive but considering the location, I wasn't surprised. 

This little gem was recommended by Kate at Gh0stparties, (I read her Paris guide before I left, definitely helped) There are a few of these in France so no matter where you're staying you're bound to find one close to you. They do great breakfast/brunch, try it out if you have the time.  

We also ate at a few local cafes close to our hotel mainly for breakfast, which was literally the best breakfast ever. Croissants, French bread, jam, omelettes, coffee and orange juice. Just drooling at the thought. Local cafes are the best make sure you try a few close to where you are staying. 


Getting around Paris could not be easier, pay sixteen euros and take a boat along the river Seine to all the main attractions in Paris. It stops a total of nine times and at each stop there's something to see. You can see everything you want to in one day if you start early, or take the Metro, its as easy as the London underground in my opinion, so cheap too. A one way from Gare Du Nord will cost you about two euros. 

For pop up festivals, events going on in Paris and local restaurants download the DOJO app! it helped me more than you could ever understand. Thank me later. 

Watch My First Ever Vlog Below & Let Me Know What You Think..

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