Such As Life...

Every so often I like to let you in to the mundane reality of my life, cue violins. Only kidding, although I'd like my life to be a little more exciting, I'm definitely blessed for the great amount of people I have supporting me and everything I've experienced thus far. 

I've started a travel diary, my trips to Berlin and Amsterdam have fueled my need for experiences abroad, I've decided I'm going to travel as much as possible over the next year, starting in Europe, by 2016 I want to have traveled to Tokyo and Thailand. They are due to be ticked off the bucket list. 

It's been a year since I graduated with a psychology & marketing honors degree, and the job hunt is going so slow, needless to say I'm just mega comfortable in my current role, but i got to snap out of it, so I'm dedicating this Saturday to updating my CV and getting my butt out in to the real world. *if you work in a marketing company & want to hire me I'm really great, promise* 

I feel like this year the almighty has just been shoving lessons in my face, I'm learning so much about people and their behavior, what it means to me and I think I've learnt more about myself, my attitudes and why other people seem to behave the way they do in the last six months than I have in my whole life. I think this little book has helped, The Examined Life and I'd recommend you read it. 

I'm also learning to let go of some of the notions I have regarding love, we're all looking for that fairy tale, you know the ones you read about in a Sophie Kinsella book. My love of chic lit has definitely got me out here wondering why there's no such thing as Edward. Ha, I know I'm such a kid. So I'm trying to be more grown up about my expectations of love, although I'm not planning to lower my standards, just planning to be more realistic, and at the fantastic age of 24 I'm feeling like I never want to be mature... ever.

I'll leave you with some of my favourite quotes from my Instagram. 

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PS: I've updated my About me & Contact page check it out let me know what you think.

So, whats been going on with you lately?

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