29 October 2015

9 Boohoo A/W Pieces I Need In My Wardrobe

My style is definitely changing, I'm trying to dress more grown up as opposed to like I'm 16 still, lol. Trainers and a hoody is just too easy and too comfortable but As I'm nearly 25 I guess it's time to start acting like it. 

I do this thing where I scroll through and just add things to my bag then when pay day comes around I purchase it all. Such a bad habit. 

I've been eyeing up loads of AW pieces and I'm really feeling the long shirt and over the knee boots   look, this checkered shirt would go perfectly with mine, oversized jumpers and long length cardigans are also staples in my winter wardrobe. 

I'm also in need of a few coats, just so I have options in my wardrobe, I've been asking your thoughts about the waterfall jacket on social media, you guys have definitely persuaded me to make that purchase. 

I've already invested in some blanket scarfs, they are the warmest, I've just got to learn how to style them and I think I may add this tartan one to the collection. Chelsea boots, because, obviously! And this little bag that I can fit all my little things in and so I don't have to carry around one of my other much larger bags! 

These will all be mine soooooooon. 

What's on your autumn winter wish list? 

27 October 2015

5 Guilty Pleasures

Thinking of five guilty pleasures for this post didn't take much brain power, I'll be honest. 

This is the time of the year hefty procrastination kicks in and I'd rather spend my time eating junk, watching series and snuggling under masses of blankets. I know I'm not the only one so I don't feel bad to be fair. 

Here are 5 things you'll probably (likely) catch me doing more often than I should.. 

1: Sims 4:
I hate this game sometimes, because you tell yourself just an hour then you look up and it's like 10pm, erm? That's gym and everything else I had planned out the window then. 

2: Metcalfs Skinny Popcorn: 
Because, this is so bloody addictive and only 125 Cals per serving... So I'll just eat the whole bag then? Lol, no seriously. I can't get enough of this. Where can I buy it in bulk? 

3: Cartoons on Saturday morning:
They don't make em' like they used to but I can still watch a few and laugh my head off because I can't actually believe kids are allowed to watch this stuff, way too many sexual innuendos. 

4: Big Bang theory: 
No lie. I love this show. I can sit through hours and hours of episodes. So funny, I definitely need to buy a box set. 

5: Five guys unlimited drinks machine: 
Do I have to say anymore? Strawberry Fanta and every other drink you could possibly think off. Just, yes. 

What are your guilty pleasures? I'd love to know.. 

6 October 2015

Planning the perfect getaway.


When it comes to planning short European breaks, it takes me approximately half an hour from search to booking and I never end up disappointed, except that one time the boy booked our hotel and well, you know the rest. 

I'm going to get straight to it and take you on my step by step process to booking the perfect getaway! 

Pen and paper at the ready..


Sky scanner - THE GO TO. Sky scanner is a website/app that you pop your details in and it will give you a list of flight prices from all airlines. You are likely to find the cheapest prices on this website but if you are in doubt..

Easy Jet/Ryan Air - These budget airlines are usually the cheapest to fly with (Just make sure you adhere to flight policies to avoid extra charges) going direct to the website allows you to choose your outbound and return flight separately, this means you might be able to tweak flight times
 to get a cheaper deal. 

Recently I booked a 2 night trip to Amsterdam for £54 return.. 

Accommodation - When I discovered this website my travel life changed, I love this site mainly because every hotel I have booked has been excellent, secondly you can reserve the hotel now and pay when you get there. This has several benefits, for me it means I can break up the cost of going away over a few months which helps me out, a lot! 

Air B'n'B - Not one I have used myself..YET. but I have definitely heard great things about this site. To give you a general idea you are renting someones home for the duration of your holiday, but these homes are not the usual, they are usually filled with so much character. Kate (Gh0stparties) has documented her stay in various AIR B'n'B homes and I plan on using them for one of my next getaways. 

Trip Adviser - I definitely look to Trip Adviser for reviews of hotels and places when I'm travelling. This helps me decide whether the hotel is somewhere I really want to stay and also helps me plan places to eat or visit during my holiday. You can also find some hotel bargains on trip adviser if you prefer to book through them. 

My recent trips to Amsterdam cost me Approx £60 for two nights and I would give 5* for both hotels

Whilst you're there

Plan Ahead - When I went to Paris I regretted not booking my tickets for the Eiffel tower in advance, when I went to Amsterdam I made the mistake of not booking my tickets for Anne Franks House in advance. So If there is anything I have learnt from travelling its to book popular attractions in advance and I would advise you to do the same unless you enjoy queuing for hours. 

Ask for advice at your hotel reception - If you are unfamiliar with your area, ask the staff at reception. They are likely to live in the city and will know loads about it. 

Dojo App - Download the Dojo app if you are staying in London or Paris (Due to be updated for more cities soon) This will tell you where the nearest  bars, restaurants and pop ups are, will give you ideas for date night and will even give you directions to get there. One of the most useful apps I've used. (& it's free) 

Google Maps- I always have my Eurotraveller on when I'm abroad, this means I can use my phone as usual for just £3 a day (Vodafone perk) I'm constantly googling and using my maps to get around. Especially if i'm unsure of the area, I even use it to get to know the local transport links. Super useful

These are my tips for planning a getaway you will enjoy thoroughly... what are your tips?

4 October 2015

Amsterdam In Pictures

We booked a last minute trip to Amsterdam, I needed a break from the stresses currently going on my life, it was lovely and I didn't want to come back to be honest. 

Just a photo diary this time, I have written detailed posts about Amsterdam here.. have a read if you're planning a trip anytime soon. 

PS: Motel one was our hotel, couldn't recommend it enough!