2016 Goals

2015 saw me create some life goals that I hoped to achieve, I am happy to say that I have ticked a few off the list and it makes me look back on my year and feel proud that it wasn't actually wasted.

Creating goals is the foundation of hard work, if you give yourself something to work towards and in a realistic time frame the likelihood is, you will achieve that goal.

I'm not the type of person to use new years day as a starting point for change, but I do like to make goals at the beginning of the year and give myself something work towards.

Blog Goals; 
Be more consistent than last year
Build a bigger readership & gain more interaction
Create more informative and helpful content
Improve my blog photography
Start a podcast

Life Goals; 
Save enough money to move out
Get a new job
Improve my photography away from my blog
Be more productive
Lose two stone

I'm going to sit down and break all these goals down in to;

S - pecific 
M - easurable 
A - chievable 
R - ealistic 
T - ime frame

Creating SMART goals means I can create small milestones throughout the year to help me work towards achieving the bigger goal.

I am going to be 25 in the new year and although I don't like to pressure myself to get my life together too much I do feel like now is the time to start building foundations.

What are your goals for 2016?

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