5 Apps you need to download now..


Jumper // Contour Palette

One of my favourite posts to read is what people are currently using on their phones. 

I'm nosey like that, don't judge me. 

There are tons of useful apps in the App Store that are so helpful and just waiting to be discovered. 

Like 98% of people have iPhones right? Soz if you are the other 2%. I'm sure there are Android versions of these apps though.

Peak: The job I'm in currently isn't that stimulating, I'm a bit scared my brain will turn to mush soon if I'm not constantly putting it to good use. So peak is a brain training app, they supply you with challenges every day and give you an overall brain age. As you continue to use the program you'll definitely see improvements and you can measure your progress. The games are challenging and fun and developed by scientists. Thank me later. 

Calm: Have trouble sleeping? Me too. When I do struggle to get to sleep at night there are loads of things you can do including meditation. I'm not talking about sitting with your legs crossed and humming some weird noise. I'm talking about training your brain to relax and stop thinking so damn much and In turn, put you into a sweet slumber. I've used this app loads. Works every time. 

Sleep cycle: Once you do get off into a lovely slumber why not track your sleep. Sleep cycle measures any movement during the night and is able to tell you when you wake up, in a light sleep and in a deep sleep. It then wakes you up during your lightest sleep so you don't wake up all groggy and tired. It's great and doesn't make you want to throw your phone at the wall every morning.

Dojo: I really plan to use this app more, honestly it's legendary. You know them Friday nights you really want to go out but not sure where to go? Behold. Dojo! This app tells you what's on in London & Paris (will be adding more cities soon) from speakeasies to pop-ups, date night ideas and plenty more. You'll be left spoilt for choice.  

Evernote: Basically my digital notebook. You can do almost everything on this app, create notes, annotate. All sorts. 

What are your favourite apps? Do share. 

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