Effective Make Up Storage

My make up collection is growing quite fast, I just love experimenting with it all lately. When I first started blogging I literally had a two draw acrylic box and that was all I needed, but that's definitely not cutting it right now and I had to get a little bit creative with my storage.

I ordered this MICKE Desk (£69) from Ikea, I wanted to keep the cost down as I was also buying a wardrobe, but my first choice was this one.. 

Anyway, this just makes my life so much easier. I have organised my make up in one of the draws, and have used just food storage containers to section my make up out. Until I find something prettier to organise my make up this will do for now.

It's just so much easier to find and store everything.

I decorated my desk with some fairy lights, I got some frames from the old pound shop and ordered some of my fave prints from Photobox! I still need to redecorate my whole room but a good starting point is getting everything organised and in its place.

Ps: The make up brush holder was made by me. If you'd like one let me know :)

How do you store your make up?

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