5 February 2016

Friday Favourites

I have been meaning to start this series foreverrrrrrrr. But we are here now. LETS GO.

Lets start with this Initial Mug (£6) - Walking around commercial street a couple months ago and I spotted it, mentioned that I really want one to my boyfriend (as you do) a couple days later he only went a bought it for me.

At least I know he listens to me. And he's just the best basically.

In love with the mug because it holds a pretty decent cup of tea and everyone needs a cup with their initial on it. Obvs.

My recent buy from H&M because YES I AM ALWAYS ON FLEEK. (Except in the mornings, after gym, after 12 hours at work.. you catch my drift)

I don't usually buy slogan jumpers but I love this orange rust colour which HM seems to be also loving lately and I thought this would fit in to my current wardrobe quite well.

I'm really trying to develop my personal style so before I purchase anything I stare at it long and hard to make sure I wont regret buying it.

Before I go on to my beauty buys can we just take a brief moment for my super cute Phone case please? and you beautiful people can get 20% off using my code Bonita20.


They got some epic stuff on their website. Have a look and let me know what you think.

I have updated my beauty stash BIG TIME of late, Minimalist who?

I am really loving this Smashbox foundation (£29) that I picked up at duty free on my way to Barcelona. I swatched it on my hand and it just blended so well that I was instantly won over. It retails at about £30 but I got it for about £16, I would easily pay the full price though.

I have mentioned this Burberry Blush (£29) before but I have to go in about it again. PIGMENTED AF. Literally a dab of the brush is enough, the packaging is so cute and this is just an all time favourite of mine. I really can not fault it.

Why haven't I bought anything from KIKO before? I do not know but their lipsticks and liners are some of the best I have tried recently.

Sometimes I'd literally just use the liner all over my lips and sometimes I'll pair it with a lipstick. I don't even know what else to say about these except I really love them. Shop them here

There you have it.. My Friday Faves! I really can't promised that this post will make it up every week but when I got something to rave about trust me you guys will know about it.

What have you been loving lately? Leave me your links