January Round Up

Well lets just get the obvious out the way... The fitness thing isn't going too well. I know you can relate, if you can't? Please drop me some mail lets talk about how you do that thing called consistency. Thanks.

No seriously though, I just need to be more active and I just suck right now. I'm starting again this month and hopefully can do a lot better than January. No excuses.

All I'm seeing on the internet is people moaning about how their year has started terribly and Feb is going to be their new year all over again.


I just try to see the bright side, but to be honest my January has been quite epic. I spent my new year with those I love very much.. doesn't the 1st of Jan just seem like it was a life time ago?

My 25th was spent in Barcelona, again with those I adore. Then its been work work work.

I'm pretty happy with the way my blog is performing this year, I'm putting out more content, better content and I'm seeing real good conversion rates from my social media.

PLUS - I love you guys because you comment on my blog and that makes a gal happy.

What's the plan for February then?

Gym. Obvs.
Eat Better
Apply for new jobs.. I need to not be a victim to comfort.
Book another holiday
Start developing my skills
Makeover my bedroom
Open an ISA
Keep creating great content.

That's my plan. Now, What's yours?

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