Pay Day Wishlist

So basically I have been trying to stop myself hauling TF outta ASOS this month.

Saving is not easy BRO! But I have managed to contain myself because I have decided I'll just do it next payday lool!

I'm trying to break up my spending so I'm saving a bit every month and not counting down the days you know.

Its a bit of a mixed bag this wish list, but I'm starting holiday prep early AND I'm giving my wardrobe an overhaul. So I'll be having a massive clear out next week and replacing those items with key pieces.

This stuff has been in my ASOS wish list for ages and the beauty buys are just sitting in my amazon basket waiting for me to click buy.

But ya'kno if you want em right this minute here are the links for ya..

ASOS Jumpsuit £17.50

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