31 March 2016

Double Denim

How to wear double denim

How about an outfit post for ya?

Well it was a bright and sunny Tuesday afternoon in Camden town, I met with the lovely Lauren and Dan who are starting there own little photography business. They have also taken pics for Hannah Gale, so that makes me a super cool blogger right? Rhetorical. :)

Anyway.. this double denim outfit was born.

21 March 2016

Life lately - being grateful, saving & fitness

Bonita Rochelle
Guyssssss, well hasn't in been a lil old while since I wrote a 'Life lately' post? To be honest my life is soooo boring, if I was to vlog you'd literally either see me at work or sitting at home watching back to back episodes of 90210 on Netflix.

Lol. This is 25.

I'm really considering starting a self-help blog, seriously I feel like I'm evolving so much and I got so much to share. Just to help people be better people, you know?

Being Grateful

On my commute to work this morning I walked past a homeless man asleep on the street, he had clothes and looked warm and stuff but you know I couldn't help but be taken aback by it. It's not the first time I have seen him, I often buy this same guy food and coffee to do my bit, but this morning I just became awfully humbled.

How dare I ever complain about anything when there are people out there with nothing? The little things I take for granted someone else could only dream of. I became upset with myself for ever taking anything for granted, or anyone in fact, I have so many people around me who care that I would never find myself in that position.

Poverty is everywhere but I really think we become desensitised to it and never really acknowledge it to the extent we should.

Life just has a way of telling you things, you know?

I have been thinking about starting a project to help the homeless but to be honest I really have no idea where to start...

Savings & Stuff

I can not. I don't even want to get in to it. Guys. I'm really trying to save but I am finding so DAMN hard. I have enough disposable income to pay my bills and save some money but I end either spending what I want to save or not saving as much as I want too..

HELP. That is all


I got myself a good ol' personal trainer, I figured it was about time. I have been trying to lose two stone for so long now and the weight is just not budging so I employed help! I have had one session so far and will be having one session per week for the next month or so.

My PT is awesome can I just say.

The hardest part about trying to lose a few pounds is.. Eating. No seriously. I find it so hard to just eat healthy, I find myself picking at thinks or drinking sugary drinks.

To be honest if I really want to see results I need to kick my own ass in to gear and start making better food choices.

Hopefully I can document my progress over the next month and let you know how I'm doing.

That's life lately.. pretty bore really.

What you been up too?

15 March 2016

Get to know me: 15 facts

I was reading a post about blogging and how it has changed so much, people are posting less personally and offering self help and tips. Not saying that's a bad thing but blogging has definitely become a lot less personal. 

I figured my about me page was a bit vague, I had no idea what to write, so I thought I'd answer a few random questions so you can get to know me a bit better. 

I promise you, this is going to be super honest from me. 

1: Full name: Bonita Rochelle Samuels 

2: Bestfriend? My sisters are my closest friends, I talk to them about everything. 

3: Relationship Status? I am very much taken, been with my boyfriend for 9 years now! 

4: How tall are you? I'm a shorty, 5'2

5: Where do you live? London, Enfield

6: What's your ethnic mix? My mum is half Indian and half Irish, my dad is full Jamaican. I guess that makes me 1/2 Jamaican, 1/4 Indian and 1/4 Irish? 

7: Happiest memory? Has probably got to be when my niece and nephew where born. I was present for my nephews birth and it was just the most amazing experience ever. The bond I have with my nephews and neices are second to none. 

8: Saddest memory? A while ago my older brother passed away at the age of 19. Still painful and very sad. Nothing is worse than losing someone you love 

9: Do you want to get married? Yes, absolutely. Can not wait. 

10: Scary movies or happy ending? Do not ever! Make me watch a horror. I'm 25 and will not be able to sleep for at least 4 weeks after watching a scary movie. I walked out of the cinema during Friday the 13th and that's not even that scary. Lol 

11: Last time you cried? 13th March. I suck. I'm such an emotional wimp. Lol 

12: Your fave blogger & youtuber? Oh, there are too many to chose from. I love Tamira Jarrel (Blog) and LOVE Tasha Green (YouTube) 

13: Favourite Restuarant? Pescatori - Charlotte street, London. UGH. LOVE

14: Fave beauty product? Nars Sheer Glow foundation has got to be the best foundation I've ever used & LA girl pro concealers are life! 

15: Dream Destination? Hawaii or Mauritius - when I'm richer yeah. For sure. 

If you want me to answer anything else drop me a comment! 

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14 March 2016

Currently Loving: NYX Lip Lingerie

Nyx Lip Lingerie

On the 11th of march, boots launched the NYX Lip Lingerie collection online, on the 12th of march I had three awesome shades. I am the biggest fan of NYX cosmetics and have been anticipating the UK launch of these lush nude matte shades.

9 March 2016

Food For Thought: On Being Introspective

As I write this I am sat in a hairdressers under the steamer which is burning my neck just a tad which gave me the idea to try and take my mind of things by thinking about life.. 

Always a bad idea. 

I kid. Kinda. 

I have been going on a lot about how I'm trying to be a better person, [Read: 5 ways I'm bettering myself this year] Which I guess everyone is trying to do but I figured out that a lot of people don't have the ability to be introspective. 

Now I'm thinking what is even the point of this post... 

The point is, everyone wants to invest in themselves and make themselves better.. Whether it be paying a personal trainer, improving your skills or going back to education, but I feel like we never really take the time to just be better people. 

2016 saw the start of me actively and consciously trying to be better, and I've noticed that it's having a tremendous affect on my relationships in general. A positive effect may I add. 

But how do you actively, consciously make yourself better? 

Simple really.. 

Take time to reflect on your behaviour, whether that be just before you go to bed, after you've had an argument with someone, after anything. 

Sometimes I find myself getting really annoyed but instead of justifying my behaviour I sit and think how I could have handled it better, how do I be a bit more understanding and how can I right my wrongs here. 

Then the next time I find myself in a similar situation I'm consciously thinking about how I am going to react instead of just reacting. 

We are so quick to point out everyone else's flaws and faults, we need to concentrate on our own first, not only that but we got to start trying to understand where people are coming from and why they may act the way they do. 

You don't have to be deep to want to better yourself, we can all be better and being better shouldn't depend on how people treat us
By no means am I saying we should sit back and take peoples shxt, but I am saying we need to hold ourselves accountable for our own behaviour. 

A bit of food for thought maybe? How are you going to make yourself better today?