#ForBloggers: How to use Twitter to grow your blog

"For Bloggers is a series providing resources to bloggers to help them improve and grow their blogs."

There are some idiots on twitter, idiots that really annoy with their uninformed and boxed in opinions. 99% of the reason why I haven't quit twitter is because its the main source of traffic to my blog. Actually, it probably is for most bloggers these days.

There are a vast amount of opportunities to direct traffic to your blog via twitter, this post is about to run down on some of the ways I have used twitter to grow my blog over the last couple of years and hopefully direct you to the resources so you can do the same.

Got it? Okay.

Schedule Tweets;

Once you hit publish on a post what do you do? Just leave it? Post the link of twitter once? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Use a system like Buffer to schedule your tweets for new and old blog posts, Buffer allows you to create your tweets, schedule them for whatever time of the day and they send them out for you even if you aren't online. Good times.

Buffer will also give you analytics of your tweets, stuff like how many people saw the tweet, how many people interacted with your tweet and how they interacted.


There's nothing more annoying than a twitter account full of generic posts and not much personality. I don't tend to follow those sort of accounts and I don't think many other people do either. To get followers and turn those followers in to traffic to your blog you need to interact. Show these people who are and give them something to relate to.


If you want to widen your reach and get your content seen by more people you gotta use hashtags. Make sure they are relevant too the content you are posting.

If you follow Blogging Gals and use their hashtag #BloggingGals in your tweets they will retweet your content to their 31.4K followers.

Try not to use too many hashtags and if you use irrelevant hashtags people are just going to think you're weird so don't do it :)

Twitter Chats;

Twitter chats are an awesome way to interact with bloggers, find new blogs to read and get new people to your blog. One of my favourite chats to take part in is the FBL Chat which takes place on Tuesdays at 8pm and Saturdays at 3pm.

(Correct me if I'm wrong here)


So.. that's how I use twitter to get traffic to my blog, how do you do it?

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