The Body Shop | A flawless, no foundation base


Currently typing this blog post with one hand whilst my other rests in a pot full of cold water because me like a numpty (idiot) burnt my whole hand whilst draining potatoes.

Go me.

Life update over, today I want to tell you about these little gems I picked up in the body shop. I've heard loads about their beauty section but never really thought about buying anything until I popped in to my local store to have a browse.

I have been needing something to wear on the days I just can't be bothered with makeup but don't really want to go bare.. You know what I mean?

The BB Cream only comes in five shades so you know I was a bit apprehensive, it claims to adapt to any skin colour but you know I wasn't really convinced at the time, nonetheless I decided to try it out anyway.

Lets talk about the perfector, so its a weird silicone texture, I think that's how you'd describe it. A lot like texture of the Maybelline baby skin primer. With me? Cool, I know someone who complained that it kinda kept crumbling and it was hard to apply but personally I put it on the back of my hand first and then applied to the face.

It really does blur your imperfections, I noticed my pores were less visible and just the little blemishes I have from spots were kinda faded.

Don't ask me how they've done it, I was super shocked.

It creates the perfect base for the BB Cream and a little bit of this definitely goes a long way. This has got to be one of the best BB Creams I have used and they are not lying about the colour adapting stuff, it fits my skin like a dream.

These products go hand in hand and definitely leave my face looking super flawless, I usually use a colour corrector before the BB Cream just to cancel out the darkness under my eyes but these are my go to products when I just want a quick, flawless fuss free face.

For the day's I'm bothered I add some blush and highlighter on the cheeks and finish with some mascara to give me that serious no make up look.

These products are awesome and I can not recommend them enough.

You can pick them up from The Body Shop at £20 for the pair. WIN.

Have you tried these? What's your fave for a flawless base?

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