31 May 2016

Clear Out and Organise Your Wardrobe

Every over season I find myself removing everything from my wardrobe and really combing through it all deciding what I want to keep, what fits, what don't, what's old, etc..

It's just something that we all need to do now and again and I really think it's a good habit to have. 

So earlier this month I advised you all on 'Four questions you need to ask yourself before you make a purchase' 

This is somewhat a follow up post, but something you should do before you decide to go shopping. 

Like I said before, I'm not about that minimalist life, so don't ask me about creating a capsule wardrobe. 

I can't help there my loves.

Focal points; 

1: Create 3 Piles 
- What to keep 
- What to sell/charity 
- What to hand down 

2: Try everything on 
- EVERYTHING. make sure everything you want to keep fits and figure out how you can pair your outfits up. Why not create your own look book. Take photos of your outfits on so when you feel like you have nothing to wear you can go through your pictures and get some inspo 

3: Organise your wardrobe 
- Group all your clothes in to similar sections, dresses, jeans, tops. This will make it easier to find what you're looking for quickly and to avoid your bedroom looking like a bomb site after finally figuring out what you want to wear.

4: Write a list of specific things you need. 
 - When you go shopping make sure you stick to the list.. 

12 May 2016

4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Purchase..

We all like buying new clothes, I don't know a girl that doesn't, whether you shop online, in store, thrift, make it yourself or whatever there are some rules we need to stick by to stop us buying on impulse and ending up with a closet full of clothes that we don't ever wear.. 

So I had a massive wardrobe clear out recently, but the best part is obviously replenishing it with whatever I need. 

I have vowed to buy more quality items, staple pieces that will stand the test of time and most importantly Items that fit well and flatter my shape. These are things you guys should definitely take in to consideration as it will help you to build a wardrobe that is versatile.. Kinda opposite to one where you have a ton of clothes but nothing to wear. 

So the next time you're out shopping, or in the mood for hauling ASOS ask yourself this.. 

Do you need it? 

Ooooh a pretty pair of denim jeans, but do you have like 10 other pairs that are practically the same? If so, you don't need it. A girl can never have too much denim but try and find styles that differentiate to anything you have in your wardrobe currently. 

Does it suit your body shape and will it fit well? 

The biggest mistake you can make is buying something that doesn't fit well, or refusing to go a size up because.. Omg that's means I'm fat. It doesn't! Every shop has different ideas as to what a size 12 is so if you have to go up a size for the item to fit well do it! Don't try and squeeze in to something because it will not flatter you, instead it will bring out all the bits you want to hide. 

Make sure you try on items, it's important you are comfortable and don't have to walk around holding your breath. Remember no one can see the size of your clothes. 

What will you wear it with? 

We are all guilty of picking up something then taking it home only to realise that you actually don't have anything to wear it with. That statement jacket or those statement shoes, make sure you are able to pair it with items that are already in your wardrobe. 

Will it last?

Finally! Don't skimp on quality. I find its better to invest in quality pieces (Which means spending a little more) but in the long run you get more for your money. I have jeans from Primark that are practically the same as the Topshop Joni Jeans but those said Primark jeans have now got a split down the thigh where as my Joni Jeans are standing the test of time. 

You also want to invest in pieces that you wont have to get rid of when the season changes, buy stuff you can wear all year round no matter what trends are in play. 


I wouldn't say I'm trying to build a minimal wardrobe because I'm not about that life at all! But I am trying to create a wardrobe where I don't get pissed of because nothing fits properly or I have nothing to wear..

What questions do you ask yourself before buying or are do you just throw it in the bag and hope for the best? 

8 May 2016

ASOS Wishlist

I love a good old wish list post, there is nothing better then getting inspo from other bloggers especially ones with style you admire.

When I'm bored I literally sit on ASOS and save items i'm probably going to buy in the future. As i'm going on holiday in August I have been looking at summer wear because my wardrobe is seriously lacking in that department. Ya'knowWhatImSaying.

I have been looking for a Denim Jacket (£40) that matches some of my current jeans, I'm loving the head to toe denim look lately. I also need some new denim in general, I'm trying to find jeans that really fit well on the waist and the leg which is hard for me because my waist is quite small in comparison to my huge thighs.

I love these Ripped Mom Jeans (£35) and ripped jeans in general.

Holiday wise i'm trying to look chic AF in Morroco. *Sunglasses Emoji*

This Bikini looks super flattering and would team well with this Sheer Mesh T. (£38)

The rest of my wishlist is literally slouchy and comfortable which is so key in warmer climates, I just want to be stylish but comfy.

Sorry If I keep rambling on about going on holiday, this break is way overdue. I'm thinking about Vlogging the trip for you and obviously taking loads of photo's, What do you guys think?

What have you been loving from ASOS lately?

3 May 2016

Oh Hey May

Flipsake. Cliché AF I know, but gosh time is flying. I know you all feel me on that, but hey, May equals better weather (We are wishing here in London, anyway) longer days and brighter mornings which always helps me get in a good mood for work.

April was awesome, me and the boy finally booked Morocco and we will be heading there in August, if you guys have been let us know what we got to get up too -

My family celebrated my Brothers life, he sadly passed away and he would have been thirty on April 19th - We had a little party just to remember how awesome he was. Do you guys do stuff like that for your loved ones that have passed away? I always think my family might come across a bit weird to be honest but each to their own I guess.

I am now a vegetarian, its been a week and I'm hoping to post a 'What I eat in a week' video/blog post to give you guys an insight to how it is being veggie. I'm definitely eating better and making more conscious decisions about my food. I'll write a post soon on why I decided to take the plunge.

May Goals

1; Apply for jobs - I currently hate my job I will not front. I had a few interviews but have not been successful as yet, I wont take that as a set back though I'm going to get right back in there.

2; Lose Body Fat - I'm on my fitness journey, I have an awesome PT (Rachel) and she is really pushing me, I just need to make sure I'm putting in the work in the gym and eating well.

3; Finish Decorating My Room - I've painted and just need to accessorise, add me on Snapchat to see what the current state of my room is. I'm so in love with the colour. (Snap: BonitaRochelle)
Once I'm done a room tour is due!

In Case You Missed It

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So what have you guys been up too and what are your May goals?