ASOS Wishlist

I love a good old wish list post, there is nothing better then getting inspo from other bloggers especially ones with style you admire.

When I'm bored I literally sit on ASOS and save items i'm probably going to buy in the future. As i'm going on holiday in August I have been looking at summer wear because my wardrobe is seriously lacking in that department. Ya'knowWhatImSaying.

I have been looking for a Denim Jacket (£40) that matches some of my current jeans, I'm loving the head to toe denim look lately. I also need some new denim in general, I'm trying to find jeans that really fit well on the waist and the leg which is hard for me because my waist is quite small in comparison to my huge thighs.

I love these Ripped Mom Jeans (£35) and ripped jeans in general.

Holiday wise i'm trying to look chic AF in Morroco. *Sunglasses Emoji*

This Bikini looks super flattering and would team well with this Sheer Mesh T. (£38)

The rest of my wishlist is literally slouchy and comfortable which is so key in warmer climates, I just want to be stylish but comfy.

Sorry If I keep rambling on about going on holiday, this break is way overdue. I'm thinking about Vlogging the trip for you and obviously taking loads of photo's, What do you guys think?

What have you been loving from ASOS lately?

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