Oh Hey May

Flipsake. Cliché AF I know, but gosh time is flying. I know you all feel me on that, but hey, May equals better weather (We are wishing here in London, anyway) longer days and brighter mornings which always helps me get in a good mood for work.

April was awesome, me and the boy finally booked Morocco and we will be heading there in August, if you guys have been let us know what we got to get up too -

My family celebrated my Brothers life, he sadly passed away and he would have been thirty on April 19th - We had a little party just to remember how awesome he was. Do you guys do stuff like that for your loved ones that have passed away? I always think my family might come across a bit weird to be honest but each to their own I guess.

I am now a vegetarian, its been a week and I'm hoping to post a 'What I eat in a week' video/blog post to give you guys an insight to how it is being veggie. I'm definitely eating better and making more conscious decisions about my food. I'll write a post soon on why I decided to take the plunge.

May Goals

1; Apply for jobs - I currently hate my job I will not front. I had a few interviews but have not been successful as yet, I wont take that as a set back though I'm going to get right back in there.

2; Lose Body Fat - I'm on my fitness journey, I have an awesome PT (Rachel) and she is really pushing me, I just need to make sure I'm putting in the work in the gym and eating well.

3; Finish Decorating My Room - I've painted and just need to accessorise, add me on Snapchat to see what the current state of my room is. I'm so in love with the colour. (Snap: BonitaRochelle)
Once I'm done a room tour is due!

In Case You Missed It

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So what have you guys been up too and what are your May goals?

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