26 July 2016

Spectrum Collection - The Bomb Shell

Let me just start of by saying I felt super duper privileged for being able to attend this event. Thanks to Zaineb over at BloggingGals for giving me the opportunity to attend my first brand launch. It was an experience.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would know I had the pleasure of heading down to Soho for the launch of Spectrum's newest bae.. The Bomb Shell.

If you didn't know (and I'd be surprised if you didn't) Spectrum are the brilliant creators of beautiful make up brushes. The Bomb Shell collection was inspired by mermaids with a pink and gold colour scheme, the bristle heads are pink and white ombre, complimented by rose gold detailing. The 12 brush set is displayed in a beautiful shell shaped zip case or a handy roll up case which is perfect for travelling. Which only makes me want this collection even more.

Beautiful. Is pretty much it. The hairs are soft to touch and you can just tell these brushes are quality. I have a couple sitting around and I don't even want to use em'. Way too pretty.

I was in a room full of bloggers and TV personalities and I kinda felt overwhelmed. I suck at socialising so you know I kinda felt a bit awkward but I got a couple glasses of prosecco down me and BAM.. I was alright.

The event was epic, good music, good wine and even better people. (Oh and that goody bag tho)

Spectrum currently have a sale on so head over and check it out..

I have a few brushes from their new collection that I will be trying and reviewing for you all soon, but for now, tell me..

What do you think of the new collection and will you be making a purchase?

7 July 2016

9 ways to boost your happiness




feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

What does it really take to be happy these days? Many of us are striving for happiness but never really stop to figure out what it is that really fills our souls with joy. For a lot of people it may be money for others it may be family, whatever it is, STOP STRIVING and start recognising happiness begins when you are content with what you have. That is the foundation..

So let's start with that

1: Be content with what you have 
2: Learn lessons from your mistakes 
3: Do good deeds 
4: Don't over think 
5: Hold yourself accountable 
6: Get active 
7: Check in with yourself 
8: Don't rely on others to fuel your get up and go 
9: Learn to let go. 

1 July 2016

Little things to boost body confidence


Often I find myself down and out about what I look like because I'm not taking enough time to take care of myself. I'm pretty sure everyone has those days where they just feel a bit crap. 

I have a little ritual I like to do to check in with myself and take care of my vessel. 

Exercise and watch what you eat; 
DUH. Right. I'm not saying eat salad for the rest of your life or slug it out in the gym every single day. But I am saying eat less junk and pick up more fruit, go to the gym and do something 2-3 times a week. You'll feel better for it. 

Shave & Exfoliate; 
I recommend the Superdrug Vitamin E body scrub. Yes! This is good stuff people! It makes your skin feel silky smooth. Exfoliating is also good for getting rid of dead skin cells and increasing blood flow. 

I use unrefined coconut oil everywhere (except my face) it's great for healing the skin, moisturising, reducing scars and makes you look all glowing. Take the time after you shower to massage it through your skin. 

Fake tan; 
Black girls fake tan too! Yes HUNNY. I mainly fake tan because I need these legs of mine to match the rest of my body. My legs are pale and so being that summer has missed us this year I'm using the Bondi Sands Fake Tan to give me that summer time glow and reduce the appearance of any scars and stretch marks. Fake tanning does serious things for my body confidence. 

So, when I'm stuck in a rut and feeling a bit down i simply make some more time to take care of me. 

What are your tips for boosting body confidence?