23 August 2016

Young Britannia x V Festival 2016


I have been anticipating V FESTIVAL for a very long time now and it definitely did not disappoint. We had tickets for both days but only managed to make it down on Sunday for various reasons, I was only excited to see Rhianna anyway so I wasn't fussed. 

A festival isn't the most glamorous place and its hard to find a outfit that is the right balance of chic, stylish and comfortable. 

Boohoo has always got me when it comes to festival fashion tbh. 

Every year we go we get VIP wristbands, I definitely think if you can afford it you should get them because everything from buying drinks to the bathrooms are just ten times better than general access.

We enjoyed Big Sean, Little Mix and RhiRhi of course.. There were so many great acts to see but the overall vibe of the festival was amazing even when it was pouring down with rain.

I wore this white shift dress, I thought the detailing made it very festival appropriate, partnered with a flower crown because OBVIOUSLY, a fresh pair of chucks and this Backet from Young Britannia.

Bag & Jacket. 

Young Britannia killed it with this one, super perfect for festivals and London weather in general. The bag is a normal backpack with a front pocket and inside compartments, zipped lockers and adjustable straps. In a little compartment at the back of the bag you zip it open and out comes a jacket that is attached to the bag.. 

At one point of the festival it was like 26 degree's and during Rhianna it was pouring with rain so out came the jacket and it was no problem at all for me. I didn't have to carry a massive jacket with me and I didn't get caught in the rain. WINNING

The backet comes in a range of colours and your can check it lot along with other YBLDN apparel over on the website. 



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What's your go-to festival outfit? 

20 August 2016

In The Spotlight 002 ¦ Frank Body Scrub

Here lies a product I wish I tried earlier..

Whats better than smooth, even, clear skin? Nothing. You're right. Frank body* is a coffee based scrub that helps improve the appearance of stretch marks and other scars, as well as the general appearance of the skin as it improves circulation.

I have been dying to use this scrub since I saw Sammy (The beauty crush) promote it on her Instagram but I just never got round to ordering it, luckily I received this in my goody bag when I attended the spectrum brushes event. You can read about that here.. 

Thanx Gals. 

I really love the way they market this product, the whole frank body brand is just put across amazingly - it makes me fall In love with the product even more. 

That's great marketing for ya! 

Basically, I love this scrub. I use it all over including my face and I tell you no lies when I say my skin feels so damn soft after I've used it. 

Not just soft.. But like omg soft. You know what I mean? 

Yeah it might cause a little bit of a mess but it's easily cleaned. 

There are practically no cons to this product. I love it and I recommend everyone try it. 

It's worth the hype. 

Tell me what you think of Frank Body Scrub.. 

14 August 2016

Get Holiday Ready

If you're planning a trip away real soon or you've been away recently you'd know that as women (or men) we love to look and feel our best especially in swimwear. 

I wrote a post about boosting body confidence here, and this is somewhat the holiday edition. 

I definitely think how you prepare your body for your holiday will give you a much needed confidence boost if you need it. 

Hair removal 

We all want super soft silky skin when baring all, I use the Wilkinson razor with the Veet shaving cream to maximise hair removal. You can get smaller razors for your bikini line so you can be confident in your costume. 


Exfoliating is important in general but we don't always have time to do it. Frank body scrub is life, it helps improve appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and uneven skin tone. It's a coffee based body scrub and I don't really know why I haven't tried it before. The first time I used it my skin felt so soft, it's defining helped reduce appearance of stretch marks over time and I'm so in love with natural products that I'll definitely be repurchasing. 

Fake tan

Even though I'm going on holiday and will be getting my tan on I like to fake tan my legs before I go so I'm not looking super pale when I do get my legs out abroad. 
I feel like fake tan definitely improves appearance of the skin and always helps me boost my confidence when I'm feeling a bit crap, because we all have those days. I use the Bondi Sands Tanning Mousse in Dark. 


Coconut oil was made by angels in heaven and sent down to us. I'm telling you. It's that great. Once I've finished all the above steps I moisturise my whole body with pure unrefined coconut oil, I'm trying to switch all my cosmetics to natural products because it's simply better for the skin. 
A lot of the products we use have tons of toxins and can eventually be harmful if we keep feeding these products in to our bloodstream. Going sulphate and leaven free is a good start. 

I am currently in Morocco and this was and will forever be my pre-holiday ritual. What do you do to prepare before you go on holiday? 

13 August 2016

The Fit 001 - Casually Chic

I haven't really blogged and outfit post since my 'Double Denim' one, I just haven't had the time, nor the confidence really. It's a big deal to put yourself out there on the internet with all the criticism that us women get for not looking perfect. 

9 August 2016

In The Spotlight 001 | Makeup Revolution Peach Lights

Makeup revolution highlighter review - BonitaRochelle

You already know I am a drug store groupie, the Superdrug near me has a Makeup Revolution counter and I often buy their products, on this occasion I picked up their highlighter in 'Peach Lights'

Sometimes I don't expect much and sometimes I am blown away, on this occasion I put this highlighter on and was like YESSSSSS.

It was so good I had to dedicate a whole blog post to it.

Makeup revolution highlighter review - BonitaRochelle

This highlighter has fast become one of my favourites. I know there are some high end brands that do great a great job too but there's something about picking up a drugstore item and knowing it does the exact same thing, and this product does that for me.


  • As good as some high end brands
  • Sits on the skin very well 
  • Doesn't make you look cakey 


  • Could be more pigmented 
  • But you can build it up 
  • Won't suit all skin tones 
  • Packaging broke within a week *Rolls eyes* 
I applied this as you do, on my cheeks, nose and upper lip. I find it is best applied with an eyeshadow brush, my fan brush doesn't pick up this product very well. 

Makeup revolution highlighter review - BonitaRochelle

Whenever I find a great product (especially drugstore) I have to rave about it, I might make this a series actually. Let's call it 'In the spotlight' YES.

Okay.. i'll be coming at you again with another spotlight product soon and i'll think you'll love it.

Have you tried this highlighter? let me know what products you think I should try.

7 August 2016

#ForBloggers: How To: Write the perfect blog post (With SEO Tips)

"For Bloggers is a series providing resources to bloggers to help them improve and grow their blogs."

I've been blogging for a little over two years and I've read a lot of blogs, what keeps me coming back to a persons blog is photography, what keeps me reading the post is the layout of their content and the way they write.

5 August 2016

Breakfast with Farfetch at The Modern Pantry

Breakfast with Farfetch at the modern pantry
The modern pantry - Bonita Rochelle

Guys. I am ever so grateful any time ANY brand approaches me to work. It's taken me a lot of effort and constant learning to get my space where I want it to be and I feel like having brands approach me now and express there interest in working with me is just so humbling and a massive example of hard work paying off.

Farfetch chucked me an email a couple weeks ago and asked me to come down to the bloggers breakfast they were hosting at this cute little spot in Farringdon called The Modern Pantry.

Naturally, I rocked up super casual to a quirky little building I pass all the time but never really take much notice of. Inside there a three stories full of dining space, I made it up about four flights of stairs and arrived in a lovely little private room where I met ScarlettPreetiIvy and Laurren.

We nattered over coffee, juice, beautiful poached eggs, avocado and toast *Dreamy* about every thing from body confidence to blogging cliques.

The modern pantry, Clerkenwell is one you have to try. 

farfetch at the modern pantry

Farfetch is a global community of over 400 visionary fashion boutiques offering an inspirational shopping experience to fashion forward consumers.

Each boutique is carefully selected and located everywhere from Paris, New York & Milan all brought together by one website.

I ordered a cheeky MK Bag and it was delivered from Poland straight to my front door within a week, and by UPS who have the best service ever. 

Breakfast with Farfetch at the modern pantry

The Modern Pantry - Bonita Rochelle
Eggs Avocado & Toast
The modern pantry - Bonita Rochelle

I really enjoyed sitting down with a bunch of like minded individuals, I learnt so much about fashion blogging and whilst I felt like the newbie blogger of the bunch I didn't feel awkward and usually you find a lot of bloggers that have a massive following super up their own ass.

Excuse my French.

I look forward to working with Farfetch in the near future and i'll be showing you my bag very soon so watch this space. 

They have so many beautiful designer pieces in sale right now so why not go check them out and there's a cheeky discount code on my twitter.

Grab yourself a bargain here..

Have you bought anything from Farfetch before?