#ForBloggers: How To: Write the perfect blog post (With SEO Tips)

I've been blogging for a little over two years and I've read a lot of blogs, what keeps me coming back to a person blog is photography, what keeps me reading the post is the layout of their content and the way they write.

A lot of people don't get this right... 

I'm not saying this is the perfect formula but I'm saying the most successful blogs will have similar ways of laying out their blog post to keep readers on their page for longer. SEO is also an important tool to grow your readership organically and who doesn't want to do that? 

So here's a rundown of the perfect blog post anatomy with SEO tips included. 


This is the first thing your reader comes into contact with and one of the deciding factors of whether they will read or pass. 

Make this headline attention-grabbing, helpful, useful, entertaining, give your reader a reason to click through. 

Some of the most popular headlines include numbers, hacks, how-to, you get my drift? 

SEO tip; include your keyword in the title and keep the title short and sweet. The reader focuses most on the first and last three words of a title... Make it count. 


The second thing that will decide whether you get a click or pass. Photography is SO important I can not stress it enough. 

Use quality images, bright, light photos that compliment the post you are using. Or graphics with that might display information about your blog post. 

I find that people who use one image at the top of their post and that's it I won't bother reading... Use several images and break up the text. It's nicer that way. 

If I use stock images I get them from chaitra over at its pink-pot or I use can a to create my own graphics with a text overlay. 

I mostly like to use my own photography,

SEO Tip; When robots crawl your page they can only decipher the text. This is why you need to name your images appropriately and create ALT text - so when Google is crawling they will find keywords in your header and in your images... Your a step closer to reaching your audience. 


Whether you write a long post or a short post, remember you are living in an age of lazy readers. Skim readers, people who scan text before they decide whether they want to read it. 

Make it look nice and easy to read. 

  • Justify text 
  • Break it up into smaller paragraphs 
  • Use subheadings 
  • Use images in between text 
  • Format your text. Use bold, underline and italics to create emphasis on certain words. 

SEO tip: You want to use your keywords in the main body of your text, but don't be spammy or Google will disregard your page completely. Try and find synonyms for your keyword and use those. 

The end of the post

Ask a question! Get your reader to think about something and hopefully leave you a comment 

Create links to people can share your post, use a related post widget, use a commenting system like Disqus to make it easy for your readers to comment. 

SEO tips; your work is not finished, my friends. Make sure you create a search description/meta tag description (if you're on blogger its in your sidebar) also create a unique permalink/URL and make sure you include your keyword(s) 

  • If you are unsure what keywords you should be using use google keyword planner to help you out. 
What are your top tips for the perfect blog post and SEO?

Read my 'For Bloggers' series here and improve your blog. 

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