In The Spotlight 002 ¦ Frank Body Scrub

Here lies a product I wish I tried earlier..

Whats better than smooth, even, clear skin? Nothing. You're right. Frank body* is a coffee based scrub that helps improve the appearance of stretch marks and other scars, as well as the general appearance of the skin as it improves circulation.

I have been dying to use this scrub since I saw Sammy (The beauty crush) promote it on her Instagram but I just never got round to ordering it, luckily I received this in my goody bag when I attended the spectrum brushes event. You can read about that here.. 

Thanx Gals. 

I really love the way they market this product, the whole frank body brand is just put across amazingly - it makes me fall In love with the product even more. 

That's great marketing for ya! 

Basically, I love this scrub. I use it all over including my face and I tell you no lies when I say my skin feels so damn soft after I've used it. 

Not just soft.. But like omg soft. You know what I mean? 

Yeah it might cause a little bit of a mess but it's easily cleaned. 

There are practically no cons to this product. I love it and I recommend everyone try it. 

It's worth the hype. 

Tell me what you think of Frank Body Scrub.. 

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