Young Britannia x V Festival 2016



I have been anticipating V FESTIVAL for a very long time now and it definitely did not disappoint. We had tickets for both days but only managed to make it down on Sunday for various reasons, I was only excited to see Rhianna anyway so I wasn't fussed. 

A festival isn't the most glamorous place and it's hard to find an outfit that is the right balance of chic, stylish and comfortable. 

Boohoo has always got me when it comes to festival fashion tbh. 

Every year we go we get VIP wristbands, I definitely think if you can afford it you should get them because everything from buying drinks to the bathrooms are just ten times better than general access.

We enjoyed Big Sean, Little Mix and RhiRhi of course.. There were so many great acts to see but the overall vibe of the festival was amazing even when it was pouring down with rain.

I wore this white shift dress, I thought the detailing made it very festival appropriate, partnered with a flower crown because OBVIOUSLY, a fresh pair of chucks and this Backet from Young Britannia.

Bag & Jacket. 

Young Britannia killed it with this one, super perfect for festivals and London weather in general. The bag is a normal backpack with a front pocket and inside compartments zipped lockers and adjustable straps. In a little compartment at the back of the bag, you zip it open and out comes a jacket that is attached to the bag. 

At one point of the festival it was like 26 degree's and during Rhianna, it was pouring with rain so out came the jacket and it was no problem at all for me. I didn't have to carry a massive jacket with me and I didn't get caught in the rain. WINNING

The backet comes in a range of colours and you can check it lot along with other YBLDN apparel over on the website. 



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Red Backet - Young Britannia 

What's your go-to festival outfit? 

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