5 things I want to achieve in my life

On a trip to nice I overheard an interesting conversation with a reverand. Some of you may or may not know my brother was killed at the young age of 19, the reverand was speaking on another young man that was killed, but this still touched home with me. 

She said, how many of you have done something with your life since Robert died, it's been 9 years now? 

I could have cried, but I really sat and thought... What have I done with my life? 

So I decided on this flight home to think about it and then document it.. 

1: Buy a home
It's so hard in this climate, but that is the ultimate goal. I want my children to have maximum stability when they are growin up. 

2: Help someone change their life
I've come from a background where a lot of kids I know lose their lives at a young age due to street crime. It's my calling in life to help people turn their lives around. 

3: Get married 
I'm not sure how people feel about marriage in society but I believe it's a solid foundation to raise a family and create something big with your partner. It's more then just paper. 

4: Travel Asia & Africa 
I would love to say travel the world but right now I would love to go see Asia and Africa 

5: Find a career I am passionate about (Or start my own business)
A lot of people stick to a 9-5 just because, I want to enjoy what I do thoroughly and be passionate about it.

I think its important we all sit down and really think about some of the stuff we really want to achieve in life. It's really easy to get bogged down by life sometimes we forget what's really important.

What are some things you want to achieve in your life?

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