5 tips to absolutely KILL your job interview


If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I recently been going for a few job interviews and I have landed a job with the company I have been wanted to work with since I was in college. I KNOW RIGHT. I'm excited.

I have been to a few interviews now, I finally decided to sort my life out and go for a job in my field (Marketing) Having been through the process repeatedly over the last year I feel like I know what makes a good job interview now and these are my tips to help you land your dream job.

1: Read the Job Specification

Sounds pretty simple but you need to make sure your skill set matches the job criteria. In fine detail write down what skills you can fulfil in the job spec and back it up with an example. When it comes to the interview if they ask you specific questions relating to why you think you deserve the role you will already be prepared. This also gives you a chance to research some of the skills you may not be familiar with.

2: Research (Everything)

Everything includes the company, their values and their dress code. They will ask you what you know about the company and you need to make sure you know what they are all about and the values that they hold, this wont just prepare you to answer the question but it will allow you to adapt all your answers to align with the company values and ethics.

3: Google interview questions for similar roles

Whenever I am preparing for an interview I would type into google 'Interview questions for...' Google will then give me a list of questions that may or may not be asked in the interview. This will give you an idea of the structure of the interview and some of the questions that may come up.

4: Dress Code

A 9-5 doesn't necessarily mean 'Corporate' you don't want to walk into a casual dressed office suited and booted, you'll probably stick out like a sore thumb. By researching the company the likelihood is you'll get an idea whether to go really smart or dress down.

5: Be Confident & Don't be afraid to be excited

I really had a genuine excitement about working for my company and I let it come through because I wanted them to know how excited I was about working for the company. I believe that was a big factor in me getting the role. I was also very confident in my abilities to be able to do the job and was honest about the things I wasn't sure about. You got to remember they don't expect you to be a genius but they do want you to be willing to learn and to be motivated.

Overall, make sure you prepare properly, do your research, understand what you can offer them and be confident in your abilities. I have no doubt you will smash your next job interview.

What are your top interview tips? 

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