A/W Wardrobe Update

Things I love about season changes:

1: Updating my wardrobe

It's the only thing that makes those cold and dark mornings bearable, knowing I can grab my big winter jacket and be warm, so why not invest in one or three. :) Right?

So! Starting a new job in central London means I am in desperate need for suitable clothing, my saved items are a mish mash of oversized dresses, knits and cute shoes. The weather is changing and I need to look stylish but be warm at the same time.

I am currently pinning to a work wear board on Pinterest because I am looking for all the inspo right now, I am a casual kinda gal and I really like to look like I have made a massive effort when really it took me five minutes.

I know you can relate...

I am so in love with this Monki tartan print dress (£40) anything oversized just exudes 'comfortable' and that's what I like to be, the White Shirt Dress (£25) is pretty similar too and I can imagine just pairing this up with a cute little pair of brogues or a nice calf high boot. Simple but effective.

I don't really need another Denim Shirt (£15) but I LOVE the finish of this one and It would go SO WELL with this Raw Hem Denim Skirt (£10) - and of course I am topping up my knitwear collection because London don't play when it comes to winter. (I'm sad just thinking about it)

All these items are from ASOS (because my saved list is as long as my arm) and they currently have a 50% sale on now, so its worth checking out.

What are you adding to your A/W wardrobe?

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