#ForBloggers: How to monetise your blog

Most of us don't start a blog to make money, we love to write, we love to show and recommend new things, we love to document our travels and that's okay, along the way your followers grow, your readers grow and your blog becomes a little more popular, then there's the opportunity to make a small income (or a big one) from your online space.

If we have that opportunity why not utilise it.. right? 

I have been blogging for just over two years now, It's only in the last few months have I really started making money from my blog. I think it's important to really focus on the important things first like growing a organic following, creating great content, great imagery and finding a real purpose and passion behind your blog. Don't let money be what drives your blog or you'll possibly fail, trust me, we know when you're doing a sponsored post for the money. 

Here's three simple ways you can monetise your blog now; 

Affiliate links 

I personally use Skimlinks but there are others like reward style and shop style. 

It's pretty simple really, sign up to Skimlinks, place a tracker on your blog and it works by monetising every link you place to a product on your site (There are conditions, of course) You earn a commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. How much you make depends on how much is spent and the amount of commission the brand pays it could be anywhere between £5 to £100 or more!

Sponsored Posts 

A sponsored post will work by a PR/Brand either sending you products and paying you to mention them either in a post, Instagram or Twitter. Some will also just pay you to write a post without sampling the product (which personally I never do, it doesn't make sense to me) 

You fulfil their requirements (they will ask you to include certain keywords etc.) and send them an invoice - most companies will pay you straight away. 

These are harder to acquire, it's really important the brand see a benefit from working with you which is why I say focus on creating great content and building your readership before monetising Your blog. 

PS; You don't have to wait for brands to contact you, why not write a great pitch and let them know what you can offer them.


If you have a smaller following AdSense is pretty much the perfect way to start earning from your blog. I mean, the pay is crazy small and takes time for you to build but depending on how many people visit your site will depend on how much you earn via AdSense. 

There are some rules you need to follow before you can get accepted but most people should be able to apply for this

These are some simple ways to start making money from your blog, be sure to pop in a disclaimer so your readers know you use cookies or affiliate links. (This is important)

How do you make money from your blog, do you think its important to monetise your blog?  

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