30 December 2016

What a year! - 2017 Goals

What a year 2016 has been. As it came to an end I saw a lot of round-up's focusing on negative aspects of the year and people expressing how grateful they were that it was over.

28 December 2016

#ForBloggers: Should your blog be on your CV?

I feel like there is a simple answer to this question if you take your blog seriously. Most of us do and it definitely is our passion, side hustle and almost like a second job.

4 December 2016


SO! I'm on YOUTUBE! I just uploaded my second video and I'm feeling good about it. Right now I'm uploading makeup tutorials but I do want to create other content like Hauls, Reviews Etc.

My most recent video is on this look, which is literally my everyday go-to routine. I would appreciate your support if you could Subscribe to my channel and let me know what you'd love to see. I'm literally open to everything!