#ForBloggers: Should your blog be on your CV?

I feel like there is a simple answer to this question if you take your blog seriously. Most of us do and it definitely is our passion, side hustle and almost like a second job.

I started blogging in 2014 just after I graduated. It was just a pass time whilst I was looking for a job in Marketing and working as a store manager in retail. It was a creative outlet! Little did I know that fast forward 2 years and I would have an array of skills under my belt which I would have learned from running my blog. 

After looking for a job and not really getting anywhere I decided an over haul of my CV was due. I made it a bit more creative and also slapped the role 'Editor of Bonita Rochelle' underneath the work experience tab. Skills included Copy writing, editing, graphic design, photography, social media strategy and so many more. 

The interviews started rolling in. 

Although unsuccessful with a few, I found that people were intrigued about my blogging status and that left it to me to really take it seriously so my potential employer would do the same. 
The next interview I went for, I absolutely killed it.

I landed a job with the agency I've wanted to work for since I was in college. Life made. Some say it may be fate, but nothing comes without hard work and dedication. I made this happen by working hard on my passion which resulted with a very positive outcome. 

You can do the same. If you are looking for a job in Marketing, Social media, PR and you take your blog seriously, if it is professional and showcases your talent then to answer the question - Should you put your blog on your CV? 


Do it and take it seriously. Let it take you places.

Have you put your blog on your CV? 

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