What a year! - 2017 Goals

What a year 2016 has been. As it came to an end I saw a lot of round-up's focusing on negative aspects of the year and people expressing how grateful they were that it was over.

For me, I appreciated the more positive round-up's. Sure, we all had many negative experiences but I'm sure many of us had positive ones too. 

This year I landed my dream job, which was my biggest goal of 2016. I started getting paid for my social influence and I started Youtube. I learn't so much about myself, I grew wiser and I celebrated ten years with my best friend and boyfriend. 

I had down times too, but I chose not two dwell on those. I had a look at my 2016 goals that I wrote last year and realised out of the 10 goals I made I achieved 7 of them and that is why I decided to write this post today. I sat and thought about my goals last year, I documented them and with that I feel like I worked towards them. 

I think it is important to set goals and I'm not saying wait until the new year to do so, but you got to be honest... it is a good time to start. 

Blog/Youtube Goals: 

1: Hit over 1K Subscribers
2: Keep consistently making good and creative content 
3: Keep my following/engagements growing across all social media platforms
4: Get more paid opportunities from Blogging
5: Double my monthly page views 

Life Goals: 

1: Progress in my new job role 
2: Find a work/life balance 
3: Make a successful move in to my new home 
4: Save a good amount of money 
5: Get back in the gym

As always I will keep track of my goals in different ways or I might not even look at them again. But, I have put my goals out there now, I have documented them and now I have something to work towards. Hopefully, next year I'll come back and say I achieved all of these goals. 

Are you setting goals for 2017? 

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