My Everyday Go-To Face

I hate to admit it but I definitely wear makeup every day. (If I am leaving the house) and unless I am going somewhere really fancy I don't really like to spend a lot of time doing my face. I'm sure you guys are the same. I like a quick medium coverage look that takes me about ten minutes, looks amazing but not like I tried to hard. Ya' feel me? 

I have pretty much perfected my everyday makeup routine, I wear this look when I am going to work and day-to-day when I'm not doing much. I don't ever give myself more than 45 minutes to get ready in the morning so my makeup literally takes ten minutes MAX. 


So, I moisturise as normal with coconut oil or the Moroccan rose and Shea butter cream from Dr Botanicals. You can read my review here because I am IN LOVE with this product and what it does to my skin. I don't use a primer day-to-day because I don't really feel like I need it.

I will then use the NYX correct and conceal palette and put the yellowest shade under my eyes. This is to counteract dark circles and means I don't actually have to use a concealer. Which is great! If I do use concealer it's the LA Girl pro conceal and I quickly dust a little setting powder over the top so it doesn't crease and move around. 


I keep mentioning this but I have finally found a drugstore foundation I actually like and will repeat buy... it is the Airbrush photo ready foundation from Revlon. I am Cadiz in Nars and Caramel in the Revlon, just for reference. It is very rare I find my shade in a drugstore foundation so I am very happy with this indeed. It is pretty full coverage and has a matte finish which I like personally. It doesn't dry out or stick to my dry patches it just works really well with my skin type. 

Bronze + Contour 

This step takes 30 seconds max because I really don't have time to be fully contouring. I use the W7 Hula Bronzer for my cheeks which I believe is a Benefit dupe. I have never used anything from W7 but I am obsessed with this. I haven't used anything like it honestly. I have the mini version but the full version is only £6 and I will definitely be purchasing once my mini runs out. 

I also use the Sleek contour kit in medium to contour my jawline and any excess goes on my nose. Nothing precise. 


My go-to is the NYX HD Blush in Double Dare, a quick pat on my cheeks and if I do have a bit more time I will use this in my crease just to give my eyes a bit more life. 


I use the Collection eyeliner or the Supercat liner from Soap and Glory, I am still trying to get to grips with the applicator and creating the perfect wing but I will get it, eventually. I also use a Maybelline mascara, I have a few and they are all good, so take your pick. 

Finishing touches: 

If I can be bothered I will use the Loreal true match highlighter and put that on the high points of my cheeks and nose and then use the NYX Matte Setting Spray for longevity! 

AND VOILA! That's my everyday go-to makeup look and it literally takes no more than ten minutes even if you are doing all the extras. 

All of these products are literally my faves and are definitely worth the purchase. 

What is your go-to makeup look? 

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