19 March 2017

The Ordinary: No Ordinary Skincare

A review of 'The Ordinary' skincare, available at ASOS

The Ordinary Skincare
Before I used these products I was adamant I was going to get Botox for the lines under my eyes. Fast forward a month and hey what lines?

13 March 2017

SO...? has grown up - Body mist review

SO...? body mists are available in ten new scents

You may or may not recognise this brand, whenever I ask anyone about SO...? they always say 'OMG they are so old school'. So I can imagine these fragrances would give most of you some secondary school nostalgia. However, if you are like me and never heard of the brand then this will all be quite new to you.

9 March 2017

#ForBloggers: 7 ways to maintain your blog

7 ways to clean up your blog and improve SEO. 

Blogging is a great pass time, if you love writing it is a great outlet for creativity too but when you dig deep and you really start to take your blogging seriously all the admin starts flowing in. Having a responsive layout and clean and user friendly website will enhance user experience and improve SEO rankings, domain authority and plenty more.

5 March 2017

Monday to-do: Get organised and productive.

Get organised and be productive

Since starting my new job three months ago I have had a lot of learning to do in regards to managing my workload and I have extended that to my personal life too. Getting organised is paramount to having a productive working week and making sure you get all your tasks ticked off the list. There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the week and realising you have to stay late or you can't relax over the weekend because you know Monday is about to be so manic. It is even more important if you work client side and have to please the impossible.