#ForBloggers: 7 ways to maintain your blog

Blogging is a great pass time if you love writing it is a great outlet for creativity too but when you dig deep and you really start to take your blogging seriously all the admin starts flowing in. Having a responsive layout and clean and user-friendly website will enhance user experience and improve SEO rankings, domain authority and plenty more.

Every couple of months, usually when MOZ update their rankings I'm likely to have a little blog clean up. Improving my domain authority and SEO ranking is important to me as I start to monetise my online space. If you are working towards the same thing then here are ten things you can do to clean up your blog.

Find and remove broken links

Broken links tell Google that your content is outdated meaning it is likely to be disregarded in search engine results. Nobody wants that. Use brokenlinkcheck.com to find all the broken links on your blog then go in and update them or delete them. This is something you want to do often to make sure your content is up to date and fresh.

Update/Delete old or outdated content

Similarly to my previous point, go into your blog and refresh your old posts. Update links, update images and update the text. Information may have changed since you wrote the post and if its on your blog it means your readers can still find it. Don't put your content credibility at risk.

Clean up your sidebar

Your sidebar should be clean and simple. Avoid too many ads and information that does not benefit your readers. Make sure you got the basics in there like a photo of yourself, social media links, featured content, popular posts, post archives and possibly an  Instagram or Pinterest widget. The cleaner your blog layout is the better experience your readers will have.

Update your about me page

This page will get the most views on your blog and as your blog is likely to constantly attract new readers who naturally want to know more about you it is important to keep your about me page up to date. Again, make sure you have the basics in there like your age, location, a little bit about your background, did you study, how long have you been blogging and what are your hobbies? You might think people don't care but they do... That's why they read your about me page.

Design/Update your blog CV

Also known as a media kit.If you didn't know a media kit is a like a blogging cv - it has all your key statistics, brands you've worked with, social media followings. All the key information that screams to a brand... WORK WITH ME. I rarely get asked for my media kit but if you are planning on approaching brands it is a nice document to have. If you want a post on how to make one and key information needed on a media kit please let me know and I will do that for you. :)

Improve SEO on all your posts

This is likely to be very time consuming BUT very worth it. It is important to have headings, subheadings and keywords in all of your blog posts if you want people to find your blog organically. I use www.seoreviewtools.com/content-analysis/ to get the most SEO out of my blog posts. So why not start from your most recent post and work your way back, making sure they all reach 100 points for SEO... this will do all types of good to your search ranking on Google.

Install Disqus

I  have found that having simple commenting system really increases engagement. As a reader of blogs, I don't want to go through the hassle of signing up over and over again just to leave a comment. I have had Disqus on my blog for about 2 years and I find it easier to manage plus I get more comments.

Your blog needs maintenance and if you are planning to monetise your blog (You can read my post about making money from your blog here) then you will need to keep all of these minor details in check.

Take some time out this weekend to give your blog a Spring clean. It is the season for it.
What is your top blog maintenance tip?

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