May Goals

I haven't written one of these posts in such a long time but there is something great about listing your goals online and holding yourself accountable. I love reading these types of posts and whilst they are more for me than for you, I hope you enjoy reading them too and you will be motivated to curate and work towards your own goals.

1 | Get Back In The Gym 

Since moving in to my own home and getting a 9-5 i'm really struggling to keep my fitness in check. I feel like i'm stuck in this vicious cycle where i'm feeling a bit sad which equals me wanting to bury my head in Netflix when I should really be working out and venting my frustrations in the gym. I located a gym and a gym buddy in my area so hopefully by the end of May I will be working out constantly again. I think it's important to understand that working out isn't just about a healthy body, it is also about a healthy mind.

2 | Create A Bedroom Vision Board

I moved in to my own flat three months ago and I have been struggling to come up with a concept for my bedroom. Right now it's very 'Meh' and uncozy. I need to transform it with textiles and wall art (as i can't decorate) so, this month I will be creating a board on Pinterest and making a wishlist on IKEA and Amazon! Where do you get your home bits from?

3 | Meet My Work Goals

Myself and my manager have both set out some goals for me to achieve by the end of this month. Public speaking being one of them, this isn't my strong point at all but I've started pushing myself out of my comfort zone! This is where I know I am likely to grow and learn. I recently did a talk #ForBloggers with Adzvice and I realised being comfortable is too easy. Hopefully by the end of this month I will have met a few more of my goals, being an introvert is hard sometimes.

4 | Get Out More 

As well as getting in the gym, I really need to generally get out and explore the world a bit more. I'm such a home body but it really helps to get out of the house and go for a walk or explore London. I don't want to push myself in to being anti-social, I think it is important for myself and my mental health to make sure I am surrounding myself with people who love me and give me great energy.

These are my May goals. What are yours?

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