#ForBloggers: 5 Top SEO Tips

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you should know by now that I love to share blogging tips and resources. It's something I think more bloggers should do. Sharing is caring and all of that jazz. 

I've been adding to my #ForBloggers content series for a couple of months now, it's definitely content worth giving a read (If I do say so myself) if you are a new blogger or need help growing and maintaining your blog. 

Anyway, it's done pretty well and a couple of weeks ago I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and gave a workshop on SEO #ForBloggers at the Adzvice Link Up! (More about Adzvice here) 

I have always known quite a bit about SEO since I started blogging but my knowledge has grown since starting my job in a media agency and so I decided to rework the knowledge of SEO I had from a media perspective and create a useful workshop and now blog post for you guys. 

If you are interested in blogger workshops and want to find out more about Adzvice sessions follow me on twitter where we will be announcing the next event really soon. 

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