3 Ways To Challenge Instagram's Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is probably the most annoying thing known to man. Every day I see Bloggers and Content creators complaining about the fact their engagements have dropped and their content isn't being seen, me included. I am one of those people. 

In the same instance I have seen many a post discussing how to try and beat the algorithm, some of the methods I have tried and tested and they work. But the truth is nobody really knows how the Algorithm works and we can only hypothesise on how best to beat it! 

Earlier this year I was in several instapods, all really good for engagements but not really organic. I'm an organic gal, organic social is what I specialise in. So, I dropped out of the instapods and decided to see how my content would do. I won't lie, I didn't see much change but here is what I found when trying to destroy Instagram's annoying algorithm. 

Post Quality Content 

I say this over and over again, if you read my tips on growing your Instagram following you would have read this tip too. Posting quality content is important not only for a visually pleasing feed but also because you want your followers to be inspired. According to the guys over at Social Media Examiner when you upload a post on Instagram it is first shown to a sample of people if it does well in terms of engagement (likes, comments, views) then it will be shown on more feeds. 

So, in a nutshell! Post great content that people your audience will love and your engagements might just improve. 

Tailor Content To Your Audience 

When the algorithm first launched Instagram said; 

"The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post."

If you are a brand you must know who your audience is and why they follow you. If you have a business account on Instagram you can get a breakdown of your audience and this will help guide you in terms of what content to post. 

This point pretty much goes hand in hand with the first tip. If you post quality content that is tailored to your audience your content will perform better. 

Interact With Everyone

Instagram also said that no matter how many accounts you follow you should always see your best friends posts first. It is likely that Instagram ranks your best friends by how much you interact with that account (this includes stories, live, direct messaging and tagging people).

This is why engagements are important and why people won't stop going on about it. 

In order for people to interact with you, you need to make the effort to take the time out and leave some valuable comments on accounts you follow. Teamwork makes the dream work and this is the reason instapods have become so popular.

In a nutshell, all Instagram is doing is monetising their platform. If you produce high-quality content and tailor it to your audience you should definitely see an improvement in your engagement and following.

Right now, in the blogging game, everything is about numbers and engagements so I understand the frustration when both of these things take a decline. Whilst it is important to maintain a steady growth, we also need to maintain our passion for blogging and remember why we started.

Ultimately, this should be what fuels content.

Until next time.

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