5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

I know there are loads of these posts floating around on the internet now and one thing I have noticed is that they all make it seem easy and come from people who have like 10K followers already.

I decided to write this post because I don't have 10K followers, I have 1.3K and I know it is not easy to grow your Instagram account but I do know a couple of easy ways to get you on the road to your first or your next milestone.

1 Post high quality content, consistently. 

It's not hard to take good quality photo's on your phone or even on your camera. Good light and composition are key to any good photo. Bad quality are always a turn off for me and probably a lot of other people too. Be sure to upload photo's that light, bright and show different sides to your life. There is no harm planning out your Instagram content for the next few weeks just to make sure are prepared and have enough content to post consistently.

2 Post at least 1-2 times per day

There isn't a global best practice for everyone when it comes to the amount of times you should be posting on Instagram. For me personally, posting once or twice per day gives me the best interaction. But you need to experiment and understand what works for you and what your followers prefer. It is always recommended to post at least once per day and take note of the most optimum times to post for maximum engagement.

3 Use Hashtags

This is very obvious, probably. Hashtags allow your content to be seen by more people and in turn allows your following to grow. The two definitely correlate. Instagram allow a maximum of 30(ish) hashtags but if you don't want to be shadow banned you need to make sure you are using hashtags that are suited to your content. Do some research and make a note of all the hashtags that work for you. Also, you can research hashtags that have banned, a quick google search will do this for you.

4 Cross promote your account 

Please tell everyone on every other platform that you have a banging Instagram account and they all need to follow you. You'd be surprised how many people probably have no idea about your IG account and so it is important to cross promote on your other platforms where possible.

5 Be responsive

There's nothing worse than having a bunch of engagements on your posts and not replying. It kinda makes you look like a douche. Obviously, not every comment will need a response BUT be ready to engage, debate, conversate (not a word, i know) with your followers. This is best way to build a loyal and engaged following and to stop your followers fluctuating ever so often.

 Most of these tips are pretty straight forward, it is not rocket science. If you show different sides to your life and your personality people will take notice and they will want to share a piece of that. Consistency is KING. Plan your content, don't stress yourself about having a theme, it is not always the key for growing a following, but is pretty cool when you nail it.

What are your best tips for growing your Instagram following? 

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