Five Things To Do Before You Publish Your Next Blog Post!

Blog post check list

There are often times when I write a banging piece of content and I'm like... why is nobody reading this? Why isn't it performing as well as it should be?

I literally decided to write this post because I was looking at some of my old content and realised that it had so much potential but I didn't do some really crucial things before hitting publish and if someone was to read it now they would probably think it's really poor.

Not only that I didn't create enough opportunity for my work to be found organically via search or to keep readers on my blog for longer.

There are a couple of crucial things we all should be doing before we hit publish on our blog posts if we do these things we are likely to get more people reading it, sharing it and reading more of your posts too.

I have created a checklist for you to download and refer to every time you write a piece of content.
You can download it below.

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The first thing you should be doing before publishing a post is... 


This may seem very obvious but when you spend hours writing a post sometimes you just want to hit publish and can't be bothered to look over it two or three times. When people read your post they will spot the spelling and grammar mistakes, not only does it make you look very unprofessional it also takes away from your knowledge and expertise. 

My number one tip is to write a post and come back to it a couple hours later, proofread it and then again before you publish. You could even send it to someone else and let them read it for you, nothing beats a pair of fresh eyes. Also, download Grammarly, it beats the regular spell check. 


A great way to get your content seen by more people is to add ALT text to your images. This allows the visually impaired to know what's on screen and also will allow your images to show up in google when someone does an image search. The best way to label your images is to simply say what people will see. You could also use the title text space to add some keywords so your post is more likely to show up in Google search engine results. This is a simple and easy way to practice on page SEO. 


If you want to keep people on your page for longer you should do it by internal linking. This is literally when you link from one blog post to another. This is amazing for SEO purposes but it also keeps readers on your blog for longer. Make sure you link to posts that people are going to be interested in rather than a random post. Make it count. 


If you really want your content to thrive SEO is important. Many think SEO is complicated but it doesn't have to be. For Bloggers, it will allow your content to reach a wider, more relevant audience and who doesn't want that? 

There are many free tools you can use to make sure your blog posts are SEO friendly. Download my 'Awesome Blog Post Checklist' to view a couple of resources, 

Download your free guide


Lastly, spend time on your title. This, along with the image will be the deciding factor as to whether people will actually click through to your post. You could go down the 'Buzzfeed type' where you say something like... 

"Wow, these 5 crucial tips could make or break your blog' 

or you could go down the traditional route and say something like... 

"5 things to do before you publish your next blog post" 

Which is the how I choose to label my posts. 
No matter what route you decided to go, just make sure you spend time on this. 

What are your top tips? 

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