An Inside Look At My Blogging Process

An inside look at my blogging process

An inside look into my blogging process

I have been blogging for about 4 years now and I am not afraid to say that for the first few years I really wasn't consistent enough. I would write a post here or there, my content was rushed and not thought through and I would literally write about anything. 

Since putting a dedicated process in place I have been able to write better content and publish more frequently and in turn I have received more traffic to my blog and more bookings from clients. 

I aim to post at least once a week but everyone is different, you need to decided what posting schedule is best for you. Something that is for everyone though, is a consistent process of planning, photographing and writing content. If you take blogging seriously and want to take your blog to new heights, consistency is king. 

So, what is my process? 

Planning - Monthly 
At the end of every month I sit down for an hour or two and brainstorm content ideas. 
Through out the month I make notes of any ideas that may pop in to my head on the off chance. 
This is important because I guarantee you won't remember it if you don't write it down. 

I'll start with the ideas I already have and then work from them to create new ones. I create a spider-diagram to illustrate all my ideas and make sure they all fall under my current categories, this helps to ensure that you aren't creating random content. 

(If you don't have a core focus for content I would suggest that this is something you think about) 

Once I feel like I have enough Ideas I pick the ones I like best and start fleshing them out. 
I write a couple of bullet points for each and save as a drafts so when I'm ready to write the idea will be clear. 

The last thing I do during this part of the process is add my posts to my monthly blog calendar. I made this because... just because.

Get your free version here 

Monthly planner

Writing & Photography - Weekly 
Every week I write at least one post, prioritising the one that is due to go out. 
I write a first draft and leave it. 
Depending on the type of post, I'll usually take one afternoon on a weekend to start shooting Flatlays for my blog posts. I usually do all of them at once. This allows for consistency across my images, if I don't need a flatlay I'll create a graphic on my fave tool, Canva. 

I then go back and proof read my post, format it and add my photographs. 

There are also some very crucial things I do before publishing my blog post. 

When all the crucial things are out of the way, hit publish! 

But your work is not over yet my friends... 

Social Media - Weekly 
Every Sunday evening I take half an hour to schedule my content for Twitter and Facebook on Buffer. This is usually quite quick because Buffer keeps all the posts you've sent out so in two clicks I can schedule a post. I then schedule any new content. 

I post 4-5 times a day on Twitter and 3 times per week in my Facebook group. 

Have you liked my facebook page yet? 

Refresh - Quarterly 
It is important that you keep on top of your blog maintenance. Every 3 months I go through my old content and update it if I need to, remove broken links, update images and just make sure it is fresh. Your old content don't need to go in to your archives to die. Keep it up to date and keep telling people to read it.

READ: 7 ways to maintain your blog. (All very important stuff) 

So, that is my blogging process. It's not very lengthy but it makes a big difference to your blogging game. 

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