Three Podcasts: To Make You Laugh


Podcasts are the easiest way to consume content these days. For me I anticipate Mondays, I always have a podcast ready to go for my commute. I never really want to listen to anything heavy first thing in the morning and so Podcasts are a great way to ease myself into the day. Sometimes I choose to listen to something that is really motivational or specific to my career or field but mostly I just like to listen to people give their opinions on pop culture. Don't judge me.

I am always on the hunt for something new and can be quite picky when it comes to the podcasts I listen to. Anything too monotone or structured I stay away from because it just bores me to death. I love listening to interviews with really cool people but I hate when it’s so scripted and there is no character. I love a good podcast that makes me laugh. 

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There are no visuals in podcasts and so the only way to grip someone is with your character if you don’t have much of then you are pretty much doomed, right? Anyway, here are some of my favourite podcasts, these ones really make me laugh and bring my mood up when I’m down.

NB: Be prepared to laugh out loud on TFL when listening to these


If you didn’t know I co-host this podcast with my very good friend and business partner Ade Akins. We have many laughs on this pod but our aim is to always bring you tips worth sharing, key takeaways for your personal or brand development. We also have this part called the wildcard which can take the podcast down a whole other route.

This is one of my biggest achievements this year so far. We have had some amazing guests on from entrepreneurs to mums, each of them experts in their fields and they all hand out some amazing advice. SoundCloud and iTunes. Search on social using #AdzvicePodcast

Say Your Mind

As soon as I listened to the first episode of this podcast I fell in love with Kelechi’s honesty and the simple fact that she is just hilarious. This podcast is like a weekly ritual for me, I am always interested in Kelechi’s point of view on various topics she covers and to be honest I always feel like I learn something about myself or other people after listening. 

There is really something to be said about people who can host a podcast by themselves and still be really captivating. Each week Kelechi hands out several straws for several things but she also celebrates people and the amazing things they do. I am most certainly in awe of Kelechi and all she does and I would definitely suggest you give Say Your Mind a listen here. 

3 Shots of Tequila

3 shots of Tequila is worth the listen if you really want to hear what men think. This podcast is headed up by Marv Abbey, Keith Dube and Tazer Black with the occasional guest. Each week they discuss popular topics like the most recent Kanye scandal, the Infinity war film and there is a lot of talk about women.

This podcast isn't for the faint-hearted, I would definitely suggest giving it a try though. There is always a lot of engagement on Twitter around this podcast and it's always great to get involved in the conversation. You can listen to 3 shots here.

That's my top three to make you laugh, what are some of your favourite podcasts? 

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