Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Hi, I'm Bonita. 

Some of you may have been following the evolution of BonitaRochelle and some of you may be new. 

Either way. Welcome.

I have been blogging for three years now and over this time I really haven't had much direction. 
I do now. 

Here is where you'll find advice and resources to help grow your blog, social media advice from bloggers and brands as well as little snippets of my life

Day to day I work with some of the biggest brands on community management, social media strategy, and training. In my spare time, I work with small brands and bloggers on creative direction and social media strategy. I am also the strategy and ideation lead for Adzvice.

(that's a lot of strategy) 

How do I manage my time? Here's where you'll find out. A 9-5 is amazing and I love my job but the average millionaire has 6 incomes and I'm trying to be financially comfortable hunny. 
Join me on my journey and follow me all over the internet, it's what I do best.

P.s if you are a reader or a brand and want to get in touch drop me some mail - bonitarochellesamuels@gmail.com