Alexander Platz: Berlin


Hey peoples, I am back with an update a new layout and hopefully some consistency!
I went to Berlin this weekend with my sisters to celebrate my sisters 30th birthday. I took some amazing photos.. in a nutshell that is what this blog post is about. :)

We all had a good first few days, these pictures are from one day in particular when we went to find the Berlin Wall, I didn't know much about it before this trip but it is always good to learn something new. we stopped off at Dunkin Donuts on the way for a sugar rush. (the wall is long.. we needed the energy)

We covered the east side of the Berlin wall, for miles it was covered in Artwork, messages and graffiti in general. It was beautiful and controversial all at the same time. it really gave me an insight into what the people of Berlin think about the Cold war and just about the world in general. 

Berlin definitely has a lot of history, its a city just like London except everything is so much bigger. along the wall, they had started a love gate (similar to the bridge in France) people would bring their padlocks and lock them to the gate with a message on it. I think its lovely to be honest. 

Lastly.. My goal over the last month was to learn how to create light trails on my camera, after practicing a failing for a while I asked a fellow photographer for some tips and was finally able to create something I was quite proud of. Obviously, I still have some work to do but practice makes perfect. Berlin was the perfect place to capture these as their roads were always full of traffic at night time. 

The trip was only short, but from what I got to see off Berlin I definitely would recommend it, the nightlife is great and very similar to London, they have a similar culture to Britain and their shopping centers are definitely worth checking out. I am planning to go back and experience it properly as there was not enough time this trip.


Land of the giants. 

Let me know your thoughts on this post (good or bad)

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