Camino London - Epic Wine & Tapas


Let me do this right and start with a massive thank you to The Blogging Gals who invited me out to this epic Spanish Tapas Restaurant called Camino for a master class in Wine Tasting (Thank you Patrick, You were amazing) and the chance to try the most beautiful Tapas ever, no exaggeration. Tasty is an understatement.

 I arrived a little early and propped myself up at the bar to wait for the other ladies to arrive, Patrick served me the loveliest Cava which he made a point of saying was some of the most prestigious, better than Prosecco in fact, I could not find anything to complain about. 

We took our seats, had a bit of a chat and then the Wine tasting masterclass began. We tried Sherry, White and Red wines. The white was my favourite, when you visit Camino (because you definitely should)  ask for the Luis Canas White Wine, I highly recommend it and i'm pretty sure the other girls do too. 

Patrick was so knowledgeable about the regions where each wine had come from and the specific berries that made the wine. I learn't so much and it gave a real insight in to how passionate this company is about what they serve. 

I keep going on about how tasty the Tapas was, but no, really guys. I woke up the next morning craving it. 

We started with Olives and Kikos (nuts) and through out the night was brought out a few more dishes, Patatas Bravas, Chipirones A La Andaluza (Deep Fried Baby Squid) let me just put this out there.. I don't even like squid, but this was some of the best squid I've tasted. Check the Menu.

 I loved this whole place so much that i'm dragging my sisters there this weekend, I highly recommend this restaurant for a lovely night out with family and friends, there is a great atmosphere and the staff are lovely. 

There are a few restaurants dotted about London town, this one specifically was in Bankside. Check out the Camino Website for more details, Go there, Tell em I sent YA! 

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Thoughts on Camino? 

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