10 things I've learnt being in a long term relationship..


I don't know what you guys count as long term but it's been nearly nine years since the dude asked me to be his girlfriend. That's pretty long by anyone's standards. 

Now I'm not claiming to be dear Deirdre or anything but I've learnt some things over my time, & let's be honest there's people who haven't even had a long term relationship claiming to be love guru's. No shade, just saying. 

Love is complicated stuff, I'm not gonna dare say it's been all rosey but no relationship is without their downsides, don't buy in to that Instagram shit, it will have you wondering what the hell your doing wrong. 

So with that being said; 

1: You only see what people want to show you on social media , don't compare yourself or your relationship! 

2: The beginning is always perfect.. Well it should be, if it's not. Well then you got problems. 

3: Split the bill! Even on date night. Can you imagine 9 years of him paying every time we went out? Yikes. 

4: He will pay sometimes, make sure you do your bit too, organise a night out & you foot the bill... 

5: Your problems do not belong on social media, taking shots at him on Twitter is not cool & it won't change anything. 

6: Nor' should your problems be told to everyone you can find time to tell, be choosy with who you tell your problems too, not everyone has good intentions. 

7: His friends are not your friends.. Just saying 

8: I've never been bored, I don't think anyone should get bored of someone they love 

9: Don't sweat the small stuff 

10: There's no better feeling than looking back and realising how much someone has helped you grow 

11: No matter how angry you get don't burn the photos 

12: If you both care enough you'll make the time to see each other 

13: People will always have something negative to say, don't let their perception of love affect yours 

14: You can't control what people say to your other half (fxck that bixch tho) 

15: Never stop making an effort 

What have you learn't being in a relationship? Do share.. 

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