2015 Round Up


I know I have already done a 2016 post but I just feel like I need to round up the year, my blog has grown more then I could ever have imagined and I'm really excited about what the future holds. Personally, I have grown tremendously in 2015, learning the most important lessons of my life. It's only right that we see 2015 out properly!

Most Memorable Moments:

1: Going to the top of the Eiffel tower with the boy. Bucket list.
2: Sitting by the canal in Amsterdam on a hot summers day.
3: Going to see The Weeknd at Apple music festival. (Dreamy)
4: Spending time with all my siblings. Whom I love dearest
5: Reconnecting with old school friends & teachers

On the blog:

1: BonitaRochelle has gone places I never thought possible, lil old me working with brands, actually being asked to review products and actually being told my blog is loved. I received so much positive feedback this year that it only inspires me to keep going.

2: I have changed the whole layout a few times this year but I finally think I am happy with it now, My logo needs a redesign but that's going to take some planning. I will be really working on branding in 2016.

3: My photography has gone from 0 to a hunna! Lets just put it that way. I've really taken inspiration from a lot of bloggers but 2016 will see me develop my own style of photography.

Most Popular Posts This Year

The Year In Numbers

1017 Twitter Followers - Finally reached the 1K milestone over at @Bonitarochelle
400 more of you followed me on my Instagram page @Bonitarochelle
20,000 more page views than in my first year of blogging
4 Brands I have collaborated with in 2015
2 new countries have been ticked off the bucket list
3 is the number of times I lost my bank card this year
10 is the number of countries that visited my blog this year

2015 personally -

I really grew this year, nobody warns you that growth comes with terrible pain. Life is one big lesson and you never stop learning. I have become my own person and really found myself, I understand the true meaning of self-love and self-respect and will be putting it to practice more.

I lost both my grandparents this year, they were such a massive part of my life. Just another reminder that we really shouldn't take things for granted. Lifes too short to hold grudges or to have petty arguments.

Making peace with old problems or people you once had issues with really does take a lot of your shoulders. I try and do this every year.

Me and the boy are heading for the big ten in 2016, what a journey its been. I now know what its like to have my best friend as my partner. You never stop learning about one another in relationships and it never gets boring. That's when you know, I guess.

- Thank you to everyone who has commented, read my blog posts, followed me on social media. Seriously you guys are everything.

Happy New Year.

B x

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